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Can I use a USB cable to format an Android from the PC?
asked Apr 29, 2014 by Guest #32067681 (120 points)
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Does anyone know whether the Macronos app is capable of streaming Youtube videos through Sonos? When I open the Macronos app, I have the option to click the “+” symbol or the “gear” symbol.
asked Apr 29, 2014 by Roger 10 (140 points)
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I want to save my game on Baumaschinin Sim 2012 but cannot figure out how to do so. Please tell me.
asked Apr 29, 2014 about Baumaschinen-Simulator 2012
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My PQI flash memory is not detected but its LED is on when it is installed. What is the problem? Can I recover its data using JetFlash Online Recovery?
asked Apr 29, 2014 about JetFlash Online Recovery
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I used Case Viewer in the past, but my hard drive crashed. I have a JAVS TU-65 foot pedal. Which version of Case Viewer do I need to use?
asked Apr 29, 2014 about CaseViewer
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Will Flashkeeper work if downloaded onto Blackberry Z10?
asked Apr 29, 2014 about Sparkle FlashKeeper
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Can I export the information I use with Barcode 3.1 into Excel?
asked Apr 29, 2014 about Barcode Creator
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We are using AcroRip with Vista to print to an Epson 1390. We are printing plastic discs 25mm x 20mm. The Rip is distorting any image we have tried to print.
asked Apr 29, 2014 about AcroRIP PRINT
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I have lost the CD with my Dual Player software. How can I replace it?
asked Apr 29, 2014 about M-Any Loader Plus
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1 answer 63 views
I have a NOOK reading device and am wondered how can I find the NOOK app for my ASUS Transformer T100 device?
asked Apr 29, 2014 about Nook
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After installing Cobuild Dictionary 2006, it is not working and I have received the error: Visual C ++ Runtime Library Buffer overrun Detected I am using Windows 8 x64.
asked Apr 29, 2014 about Collins COBUILD on CD-ROM
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1 answer 85 views
I get a pop-up every few minutes that says "Unable to Copy File" with no explanation. How can I get rid of this pop-up?
asked Apr 29, 2014
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1 answer 323 views
Does FlipAlbum Vista Pro work on Windows 8?
asked Apr 29, 2014 about FlipAlbum Vista Pro
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When will Tumbleweed Desktop Validator 4.9 be discontinued?
asked Apr 29, 2014 about Tumbleweed Desktop Validator
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1 answer 194 views
I am getting an error: "Invalid font" and all my labels are not printing.
asked Apr 29, 2014 about Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio
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1 answer 166 views
Is there a new website for MyThreadBox? I saw that their web page is down.
asked Apr 29, 2014 about MyThreadBox
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1 answer 96 views
I forgot my password for my Photoprint 10 Dx CrystalJet Edition. Can you help?
asked Apr 29, 2014 about PhotoPRINT DX CrystalJet Edition
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1 answer 173 views
I just retired a PC and replaced it with an MAC. I was running Arts & Letters Express 8.0 (single user version) which does not load up on the new machine.
asked Apr 29, 2014 about Arts & Letters Express
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2 answers 91 views
I have installed LaCie Device Updater, but I do not see how to use it. The only active element on the start screen is the Exit button. Can you help?
asked Apr 29, 2014 about LaCie Device Updater
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1 answer 134 views
I have downloaded and installed the application. I tried logging in but I don't have a user ID and password. Can you help me with user credentials?
asked Apr 29, 2014 about Tailoring Shop Software