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Latest questions about "windows xp"

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Whenever I run the NTI CD/DVD Maker software on my Windows XP SP3 PC by clicking on the desktop shortcut or from the All Programs list, a dialogue box appears saying "1% was not installed properly...
asked Aug 29, 2009 about NTI Media Maker
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I have Realtek High Definition Driver version and my PC configuration is: Windows XP Professional; Asus P5SD2-VM Motherboard; Pentium Dual -Core Desktop.
asked Aug 19, 2009 about Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
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I have installed a new Canon Scanner, but the Capio software is recognizing the old HP scanner profile.
asked Aug 15, 2009 about Kofax Capio
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I have Nico Frans Aqualand for Windows XP, but I have a Windows Vista computer. Where can I find an upgrade for the application?
asked Aug 9, 2009 about Nico Frans Aqualand
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The program is not running on my computer. Is it compatible with Windows XP?
asked Aug 4, 2009 by thees (120 points) about V.I.O. POV Manager
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I have tried to download and install Ad-aware Free 8.0 several times, but it informed me that I only have Windows 2000. I currently have Windows XP Pro and not the earlier version.
asked Mar 19, 2009 about Ad-aware
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I just need to download DocuCount 97 on my Windows XP. Is there a link to go to for this?
asked Mar 8, 2009 by Kim Roscoe (120 points) about DocuCount 97
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EasyTV MPEG doesn't work well with Windows Vista. It worked without issues with Windows XP. What can I do?
asked Jan 22, 2009 about EasyTV MPEG
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I had used magicJack on Windows 95, and now I have upgraded my operating system to XP. What can I do to make it work? It says it is not compatible with this operating system.
asked Jan 18, 2009 about magicJack
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I have a Dell Vostro 1000, and it has the High-Def drivers. It has a mic out and a headphone out. I want to know if I can use the mic into a headphone port?
asked Jan 14, 2009 by krazo (120 points) about SigmaTel Audio
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I'm having problems with Adobe Air and other Adobe products. I downloaded the utilities on my desktop PC, but I cannot install them. I'm using a Windows XP computer.
asked Jan 11, 2009 about Adobe AIR
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The browser Internet Explorer stops working by saying that I should have a new operating system. What is the reason and what can I do? I have Windows XP Professional.
asked Jan 5, 2009 by abdelrahman (120 points) about Internet Explorer
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I'm using Advanced System Care on my Windows XP PC. I want to make sure that I'm about to download the correct driver update.
asked Dec 26, 2008 about Intel (R) PROSet II
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Is Registry Washer safe to use on Windows XP?
asked Dec 21, 2008 by mario 6 (120 points) about Registry Washer
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Is there any probability that Sigma Chip SG310 shall corrupt Windows XP, then cease the system, informing us that the PHYSICAL MEMORY is totally dump?
asked Dec 13, 2008 by roger cabigas (120 points) about SG310
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I have been trying to install Sqirlz Water Reflections on my computer.
asked Dec 5, 2008 by Vicki 2 (120 points) about Sqirlz Water Reflections
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I installed this driver on my Dell Inspiron 1521 that has a Sigmatel stc9205 audio card, but it still doesn't work. What can I do?
asked Nov 25, 2008 by Mary Jo (120 points) about SigmaTel Audio
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I own a Toshiba Satellite M45 with Windows XP and it uses SoundMAX as the default card. When I use it to play multiple songs, I find that some of them are too soft and some are too loud.
asked Nov 23, 2008 by Richard Lariviere (120 points) about SoundMAX
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While downloading DVDShrink it is is telling me that it is non genuine. Can you help?
asked Nov 10, 2008 by lois (150 points) about Windows Media Player
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What are the differences between Windows XP and Windows Vista?
asked Oct 25, 2008 by mukesh mahajan (120 points) about Windows Vista