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Latest questions about "windows phone"

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I have a Windows phone and I was using the 6snap app. Snapchat locked my account, I just want to know if I'm banned permanently or not. Is there a way I can find out?
asked Dec 24, 2014 about Snapchat
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I don't understand the options on my picture locker app on my Windows Phone. There's a setting "Ghost" something" and has a bar you can switch it on or off with, as the other options do as well.
asked Nov 29, 2014 by Nikki about Ghost Installer
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How do you get Facebook Messenger to work on Windows phone with Windows 8.1?
asked Nov 17, 2014 about FacebookMessenger
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Is there any VPN services similar to Hotspot Shield that can be installed in Lumia 720? Also why does this phone not support .exe files? How can I install EXE files in Lumia 720 phones?
asked Jul 4, 2014 about Hotspot Shield
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Can Busy Accounting software run on a Nokia Windows phone?
asked Jun 28, 2014 by paresh thaker (120 points)
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Can Swarchakra be used with Nokia Windows phone?
asked Jun 19, 2014
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Can I install Viber in Surface 2 tablet?
asked Jun 1, 2014 about Viber Messenger
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How do I get an auto forms filler for my Windows Phone?
asked May 24, 2014
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I had downloaded Media Downloader 7 on My Nokia Lumia 800 Windows phone, but since last 4 - 5 days I am unable to open it. What can I do?
asked May 24, 2014 about Media Downloader PC Client
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Why does my Windows 8 phone (Nokia Lumia) almost always gives me an error message on downloads?
asked Apr 4, 2014
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The videos that I have downloaded are not stored in collection (Music and Videos) on Lumia 520. Can you help me?
asked Mar 16, 2014
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How can I download my PixFile from my Windows Phone to my Windows PC, laptop or iPad? Can I get it to SkyDrive or iCloud? I need a new phone and I want my picture files saved!
asked Jan 21, 2014
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How can I clean a Windows Phone that I've registered?
asked Dec 30, 2013
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My Nokia Lumia 510 (which is using Windows Phone OS) can't connect via USB cable to the computer. How can I solve this?
asked Dec 23, 2013
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I have Password Guardian installed on my Windows Phone (Nokia Lumina 928). The program opens then immediately closes not providing access to the data.
asked Dec 6, 2013 about Password Guardian
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What is the unique ID in a Windows Phone which is to be used as the authentication and sync?
asked Oct 15, 2013
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I have bought the Parrot Zik headphones and want to connect them to my phone.
asked Sep 30, 2013
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Why is not Candy Crush Saga available for Windows Phone?
asked May 5, 2013 about Candy Crush Saga