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Latest questions about "windows 10"

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Please, help me. I have used PhotoSuite for many years, but now I installed Windows 10 and I loaded the disk, but the program wouldn't run. Is there anything that I can do to make it work?
asked May 9 about MGI PhotoSuite II SE
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1 answer 55 views
In order to program experiments on my computer, I need to download E-Prime 2 or 3. However, since I am a student, I cannot afford to spend nearly 1500 dollars in order to purchase the program.
asked May 9 by arianne
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2 answers 147 views
Hello. Is there a way to have my ER1 control module recognized in Windows 10?
asked May 5 by James Green (700 points) about ER1 Robot Control Center
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1 answer 84 views
How to get the Windows 10 Creators Update to work with Telus Security?
asked May 3 about TELUS Security service
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1 answer 92 views
I purchased this game around 2007. I now have a new computer with Windows 10. How do I download the game?
asked Apr 26 by Carol J Smith about Bubble Shooter Deluxe
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1 answer 141 views
I want to verify the compatibility with Windows 10.
asked Apr 26 about ADP Electronic Software Distribution
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1 answer 52 views
Since I upgraded to Windows 10 Sound Forge 6.0d will not export audio to headphones or monitor speakers when importing audio from an external source.
asked Apr 25 by Edward Montgomery about Sonic Foundry Sound Forge
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1 answer 127 views
Is MessagePopup II compatible with Windows 10? We have the old MessagePopup tool, but Windows 10 blocked it off. Thank you.
asked Apr 24 about MessagePopup II
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1 answer 202 views
Can I install Zelio Soft 2 on Windows 10?
asked Apr 24 by Guest #45025736 (120 points) about Zelio Soft 2
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1 answer 46 views
IXentry will run on Windows 7 professional and Windows 10 that has been upgraded from Windows 7, but not on a clean install of Windows 10.
asked Apr 22 by Phoenix about ixEntry
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1 answer 108 views
Is there a Windows 10-compatible version of Xploview?
asked Apr 21 by Martin about xploview
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1 answer 52 views
Has the sync software been updated to work with Windows 10?
asked Apr 21 by steveh about Polar WebSync
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1 answer 354 views
When will IBM PCOM Support Windows 10 Creator's Update?
asked Apr 20 by Antonio Zampino about IBM - Personal Communications
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1 answer 18 views
Are there any fixes on Hanyu Da Cidian 3.0 for Windows 10?
asked Apr 17 by Philip Chan (120 points) about Hanyu
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1 answer 29 views
Is there a version for a mobile phone on Windows 10?
asked Apr 16 about ManageMyMobile
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1 answer 131 views
Is it compatible with Windows 10?
asked Apr 16 about Atmel Studio
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1 answer 26 views
Is RM 12 compatible with Windows 10? Is it possible to convert RM 12 data bases to another Reference Manager software?
asked Apr 14 by Vitali about Thomson Reuters Reference Manager Professional Edition
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1 answer 25 views
Will our Amigo POS 7 work with Windows 10?
asked Apr 14 by John Ratti about Amigo POS
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1 answer 40 views
I installed easyLINKAGE Plus v5.02 on my Windows PC, but I get an error message when I run FASTSLINK. The error message is about the incompatibility with the 64-bit version Windows.
asked Apr 13 about easyLINKAGE Plus
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1 answer 52 views
I have used DnaSP 5.0 software. In the present I download but cannot install the program. Windows 10 says it is not the correct format package.
asked Apr 12 by Zarifa about DnaSP