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Latest questions about "web development"

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Is Style Master compatible with Mac? I have a client who is interested in using this program to create a web site.
asked Nov 5, 2010 by Patricia 1 (120 points) about Style Master
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Rather than having to upload the HTML Calendar to a website, is it possible to add it to a website as a calendar widget?
asked Sep 1, 2010 by knookie (120 points) about HTML Calendar Generator
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I've seen that you can use the FTP feature to make webpages public, but the FTP feature only works for VodaHost. Is there a way to save the websites intern (in a website folder for example)?
asked Mar 23, 2010 by Timori (120 points) about BlueVoda Website Builder
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how can you put a zooming tool in an image using dreamweaver
asked Mar 16, 2010 about Adobe Dreamweaver
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Can you save an FLA file and then open it up in Flash in order to edit it?
asked Feb 14, 2010 about CoffeeCup Web Form Builder
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I can't launch the application. When I click the .exe file nothing happens. What can I do?
asked Feb 12, 2010 about Microsoft Expression Design
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1 answer 294 views
Can some one please give me some direction how to resolve the following: "Unable to access .jar file lib\mp3rocket.jar"?
asked Jan 23, 2010 about Java (TM) SE Runtime Environment Update 1
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ı try to relate two different jcombox ı mean subject is on combobox like furits and vegetables. and other one included all ıf ı choose furits it should gets all furits.
asked Jan 9, 2010 about Java DB
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1 answer 92 views
I want rounded corners in the list element.
asked Jan 8, 2010 by yogesh 4 (120 points) about CSS Wizard
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2 answers 297 views
Is the latest version compatible with Windows Vista?
asked Dec 18, 2009 about Microsoft PhotoDraw
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1 answer 182 views
Can I install Java SDK 1.5 update to my existing Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5?
asked Nov 27, 2009 about Sun Java (TM) Wireless Toolkit
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2 answers 718 views
What exactly is this program used for? I don't remember installing it and I guess it comes with one of Sun micro-system program.
asked Nov 26, 2009 by Kenneth George (110 points) about Java DB
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Java Runtime Environment and two updates are installed on my (C:) drive which has very limited space. Can I move them to (D:) or uninstall from (C:) and download and install to (D:)?
asked Nov 24, 2009 about Java 2 Runtime Environment
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1 answer 220 views
From where can I download PL7 Pro?
asked Nov 1, 2009 by jihed (120 points) about PL7 Pro
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1 answer 180 views
I am a Web Page Maker user. I use it and get great advantages by creating any web page, but the template collection is too small.
asked Oct 25, 2009 about Web Page Maker
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This afternoon someone either at MSN or AOL turned off my security settings. I can't connect to anything now. What should I do?
asked Oct 15, 2009 by betty nicol (120 points) about Windows Live Sign-in Assistant
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1 answer 175 views
I want the free version of Zend Guard for my project. Can you help me?
asked Aug 10, 2009 about Zend Guard -
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1 answer 135 views
When I try to install HTML Editor I get a 2869 error message. What can I do?
asked Mar 19, 2009 by Kathi Brown (120 points) about HTML Editor
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How do I know what URL to put in the target URL box? Do I use the referrer URL as the site I want to promote? Is it usual for the "HELP" button on the Magic traffic bot to be disabled?
asked Feb 18, 2009 by vincent chretien (120 points) about Magic Traffic Bot
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1 answer 87 views
I have been attempting to create our own website, using, and have managed to get it all done, and I'm quite proud of it, but I'm having big problems being able to publish it.
asked Jan 31, 2009 by sara 6 (120 points) about PersonalWebKit