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Latest questions about "web development"

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I have a series of Java3D related questions to ask here. I am hoping someone can reply to my stipulated email address with some specific answers.
asked Sep 5, 2012 about Java 3D
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In Dreamweaver CS5.5 when you put a template file (.dwt) on your website, does it automatically put all your .html files linked to it ? If not, is there a way to do that?
asked Aug 28, 2012 by Karine (120 points) about Adobe Dreamweaver
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1 answer 373 views
I receive the following message: "Save the entire workbook as a PDF file in your GMetrixTemplates folder, omitting document properties and tags".
asked Jul 22, 2012 by Huy Pham (120 points) about GMetrix SMS
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1 answer 138 views
I need to build a drop down menu cross frames (page structure all uses the tag).
asked Mar 21, 2012 by fabiano (120 points) about UltraMenu
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I want to know how to close a session of Blue Coat programmatically in Java language or in a JSP page.
asked Dec 21, 2011 by Migliarini Omar (120 points) about Blue Coat ProxyClient
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On Scene_1 I I have two buttons and three texts with effects. For example, ButtonNext, ButtonPrevious, Text1, Text2, Text3. When I first click the ButtonNext, Text1's effects will play.
asked Dec 12, 2011 by Shine Math (120 points) about SWiSHmax
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How can I give more than one time item link to predecessor in Gantt chart using GTP.NET?
asked Nov 7, 2011 by Rajendran 1 (120 points) about GTP.NET
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1 answer 181 views
I have a problem with Bluevoda. The navigation bars are not working, they work in preview mode, but when I view my page on the Internet, the navigation bar does not respond.
asked Oct 31, 2011 by Jonko (120 points) about BlueVoda Website Builder
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1 answer 178 views
I have created my Project, with 5 pages including Index page. I have linked all pages using the link to existing page button.
asked Sep 24, 2011 by Sue 7 (120 points) about Web Creator Pro
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1 answer 144 views
What is an applet and how to make an applet?
asked Aug 22, 2011 about Java Runtime Environment
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1 answer 107 views
It turns off automatically after some minutes. Can you help?
asked Jul 2, 2011 about Windows Live Sign-in Assistant
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1 answer 181 views
I cannot send ab e-mail through Hotmail. What is the problem?
asked Jun 21, 2011 about Windows Live Sign-in Assistant
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1 answer 226 views
Why is BlueJ not being displayed in Windows 7?
asked Jun 14, 2011 about BlueJ
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1 answer 324 views
How to implement a simple CAPTCHA generated code in my registration form?
asked Jun 12, 2011 about PHP Form Wizard
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I recently had a computer crash. I had to rebuild the hard drive. When I reinstalled Kleopatra, I followed the instructions just as I had before.
asked May 25, 2011 by Nicholas Fitton (120 points) about ShopFactory
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1 answer 67 views
My USB ports have been disconnected and are not recognized after I installed HHD Software Device Monitoring Studio. I uninstalled the software, but the problem persists.
asked May 15, 2011 by Paul Howley (120 points) about HHD Software Device Monitoring Studio
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1 answer 103 views
How do I use Auto Tunnel GG as proxy for bypassing through the filtering?
asked May 13, 2011 about AutoTunnel GG
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1 answer 74 views
Having a problem with my accordion script. Using Dreamweaver and it shows up on the local folder but I cannot get it to show in the browser. I think it should be an easy fix but I can't figure it out.
asked Apr 9, 2011 by Bryan 8 (120 points) about Scriptocean Javascript Accordion Menu
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1 answer 117 views
I use Evrsoft First Page for playing with webpages and CSS coding. Our teacher told us about it in high school.
asked Feb 25, 2011 by Aaron 3 (120 points) about Evrsoft First Page 2006