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Latest questions about "video tools"

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I am interested in purchasing the latest edition of Advanced Video Compressor utility, but I have a few questions first: Is the 35 $ only for a licence and 32 $ more an extension to install up to...
asked Dec 21, 2014 about Advanced Video Compressor
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No signal and no channels. I want to get audio for Air and Ham radio frequencies. What should I do?
asked Dec 19, 2014 by Peter Vatcher about BlazeVideo HDTV Player Standard
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I have some ultra HD videos. How can I play them on Mac?
asked Dec 16, 2014 by SaraJoshion (2.9k points)
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Well does anybody tell me what is the use of Quicktime Player?
asked Dec 15, 2014 by freedownloadlab (260 points) about QuickTime
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I have this program and now I want to copy a few items. How can I copy these videos and write them to a USB-stick?
asked Dec 4, 2014 about ArcSoft TotalMedia HDCam
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I want to watch a Blu-ray disc via my the purchased Apple TV. Is that possible?
asked Dec 2, 2014 by AmberBeda (1.3k points)
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Windows 8 & 8.1 has an embedded feature that allows screen shots of whatever figures on the screen.
asked Nov 29, 2014 by Guest #35169629 (160 points) about Hero Screen Recorder
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I downloaded "DOWNLOAD MANAGER" from Google Play on my phone "App with green circle with arrow facing downwards" and it works perfectly fine.
asked Nov 26, 2014
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How can I download Youtube videos for free?
asked Nov 19, 2014 by Beginner. (3.8k points)
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How can I cut and join a video from another video for free?
asked Nov 13, 2014 by Beginner. (3.8k points)
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I came to know that VLC Media Player affects laptop speakers. I have not personally experienced any problem until now.I am currently using VLC and I want to know Is that true?
asked Oct 27, 2014 by kolappan (14.7k points) about VLC media player
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I am looking for commercial outlets in Atlanta GA area that convert videos into DVDs and DVD quality output.
asked Oct 25, 2014 by alray sumpter (120 points)
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I want to know how to convert the DVD format into other formats? I burned my DVD, but it can't play on other players. I know the format is not suitable.
asked Oct 25, 2014 by LynnKarchevaiem (240 points)
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4 answers 12.9k views
I tried many times to download a .fbr player on my Android tab, but I failed to do so. I want to play .fbr videos on my tab. Can you help me?
asked Oct 20, 2014 about BB FlashBack Express
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1 answer 80 views
How to convert .ppt to video with animation and sound?
asked Oct 18, 2014 by jj 4 (120 points) about Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
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1 answer 115 views
Is InAlbum still in business? I can't get my show to download.
asked Oct 6, 2014 about InAlbum Deluxe
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1 answer 70 views
Where is the converted file stored or how can it be extracted?
asked Oct 6, 2014 about TubeHunter Media Center
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I have edited my clips and now when I hit the convert all button a pop up screen comes up and says "There is not enough space available to convert all the files selected and I need to clear some...
asked Oct 6, 2014 about GoPro Studio