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Mac Informer is crashing on updating. I have a MacBook C2D 750GB 8GB 2.23 GHz. Suggestion: whether MacInformer can differentiate between Updates and Upgrades and indicate in the column.
asked Jan 10, 2013 by Paul Miller (140 points)
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How do I update my older version of Softkey Easy Forms Maker from 16bit to 32bit?
asked Dec 5, 2012
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How can I upgrade or is there a higher version of my Alcatel OT-991D using Android 2.3.6 ? How can I upgrade my firmware? Thank you.
asked Nov 25, 2012
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I have the 10" Flytouch 3 tablet and I have done a factory restore operation but the problem is still not fixed. It boots up and then it is stuck at Android logo.
asked Nov 10, 2012
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I have WorkPad Desktop 2.1 installed on laptop with Windows XP. Have just upgraded to a new laptop with Windows 7 and trying to get my application to work with Windows 7.
asked Oct 22, 2012
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1 answer 164 views
I had Stopzilla 2012, and I had problems with my computer. I thought the STOPzilla might cause this so I uninstalled the program. It turns out that the problems still exist.
asked Oct 5, 2012
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1 answer 286 views
My phone does not turn on, it displays an "App Error 523" error. What's wrong?
asked Sep 22, 2012 by anthony 2 (120 points)
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I would like to upgrade my Architectural Desktop Software from 2004 to 2012. Is there someone I can talk to or meet with to help me get this done?
asked Jun 4, 2012
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I would like to update my firmware software. How can I do that?
asked Apr 8, 2012
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2 answers 505 views
I'm currently using Adobe Photoshop 3 and I would like to upgrade. Is Picasa Photo Organizer better than this?
asked Mar 29, 2012
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1 answer 250 views
I'm currently using Firefox 8, and I am reasonably happy with that version of the program. However, I see that since it was installed on this computer, Mozilla released version 9, then 10.
asked Feb 3, 2012 by DynamiComputing (120 points)
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Every time I try to upgrade Transflo program, I get an error message. I tried reinstalling the program, and it had worked just fine until I upgraded it once again.
asked Jan 31, 2012 by Guest #23074880 (120 points) about TRANSFLO Now!
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I purchased the iFinger application and I'm wondering if the upgrades are free of charge. Can you help?
asked Sep 29, 2011 about iFinger Oxford Dictionary of English
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1 answer 74 views
I bought it in the past. How can I upgrade it?
asked Jul 23, 2011 by jean cuillerier (120 points) about SmartSoft Video Converter
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How do I get upgrades? My program is several years old, and it was upgraded only once. I can't find any information on the website.
asked Jul 18, 2011 by Barbara Mickens (120 points) about Massage Suite