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Latest questions about "updates"

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My Easypad 700 says updates are available but how can I run the update? How can I update it to the latest Android version?
asked Sep 29, 2012
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1 answer 229 views
I have all these updates for Windows Media Encoder. Which one do I need to keep?
asked Jul 18, 2012 about Windows Media Encoder
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1 answer 128 views
How to execute all updates at the same time?
asked Jul 15, 2012 by Guest #16295048 (120 points)
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1 answer 146 views
Is there any way to update the program without using the ID password of the antivirus provider (shopkeeper)?
asked May 26, 2011 about K7 Total Security
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1 answer 155 views
Is this a driver improvement of the original? Is it so difficult to list at least some of the changes that have been made?
asked May 22, 2011 by Andrew Murn (120 points) about Presto! PVR (1Seg)
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1 answer 152 views
Hello, has anyone used Quick heal Total Security 2011 version? I want to get it but I want suggestions, because I don't want an anti-virus that bogs down my PC.
asked May 5, 2011 by Mahesh Kumar (160 points) about Quick Heal AntiVirus Plus
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1 answer 99 views
How do I find the updates for my built-in webcam?
asked May 2, 2011 by Kim Cuthill (120 points)
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1 answer 154 views
how can i convert pdf file into word document
asked Apr 12, 2011 about Software Informer
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1 answer 196 views
I've been trying to uninstall Norton for months. Add or Remove doesn't work. What should I do?
asked Feb 5, 2011 about Norton AntiVirus
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1 answer 259 views
Trying to download the application for the Nike Plus Sportband. What does this software do?
asked Jul 14, 2010
–2 votes
2 answers 90 views
what kind of files it can play
asked Feb 15, 2010 about Software Informer
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1 answer 108 views
could you tell me how to use this software?
asked Feb 3, 2010 about Software Informer
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3 answers 121 views
It seems that if there were a hotkey to launch Software Infomer's launcher, it could provide a nice alternative to other launcher apps. Is that already there and I don't see it?
asked Jan 10, 2010 by Daniel Eaton (120 points) about Software Informer
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1 answer 110 views
how do i restore all my programs to my desk top
asked Dec 28, 2009 about Google Updater
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2 answers 409 views
what is the point of software informer,all it wants you to do is spend money on downloads,Windows defender & Norton & HP total care say that my PC is running normally,so why do you differ, do you own...
asked Sep 25, 2009 by david mccracken (120 points) about Software Informer
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1 answer 77 views
Are there updates for this software ?
asked Feb 1, 2009 by Slobodan Robert Milovic (140 points) about Gann Forecaster Ver.1.0
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2 answers 131 views
I have 5 Java updates. Do I need all 5 or can I delete some of them?
asked Dec 26, 2008 about Java SE Development Kit
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1 answer 102 views
How do I install updates FRM PRO to my MP5 player ?
asked Sep 11, 2008 about FRM Pro
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1 answer 112 views
please tell me how to install the kannada baraha software?
asked Aug 11, 2008 about Software Informer
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3 answers 168 views
got massage telling me that this version is too old need to up-date, version 0.9 only availabe to dwonload ,Where can I fine the 0.1 version
asked May 24, 2008 by smorg (120 points) about Software Informer