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Latest questions about "update error"

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I need help with doing the Cosmi AutoUpdate. I have had this software for many years and now I can't update it.
asked Nov 24, 2013 about Cosmi AutoUpdate
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I downloaded and installed Aion Free-To-Play but it needs an update, and when the NC Launcher update window pops up, it keeps loading and loading until at some point it stops responding and later on...
asked Jun 25, 2013
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1 answer 53 views
Why am not able to update my Hiapmarket?
asked Apr 26, 2013
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1 answer 103 views
I have HTC myTouch 4G and when I wanted to update my software as it was required, it froze and now it's totally not working. It just stays on the starting page.
asked Feb 18, 2013 by Tanaka Hlahla (120 points)
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1 answer 245 views
I cannot get my Vaio updated even if it is on automated settings. It updates some software, but stops suddenly, and this keeps repeating for months.
asked Sep 22, 2011 by MOUL FERDI (120 points) about VAIO Update
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1 answer 232 views
I need to update my phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia x10) to version 3.1. Whenever I try to download, it shows an error. That error is caused by the log 1313073996953, which is in the configuration file.
asked Aug 11, 2011 by monmon (120 points) about Sony Ericsson Update Engine
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1 answer 48 views
I keep getting a persistent info box on my screen telling me that it cannot find the update manager. The problem is that this message freezes my computer up so that I cannot use it.
asked Feb 26, 2011 about Roxio RecordNow Data
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1 answer 97 views
I can't download the update. It hangs at 3 %. What to do?
asked Jan 21, 2011 about Czarnabila
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1 answer 145 views
All my Norton products updated using Symantec LiveUpdate except this one, LiveReg. How do I go about it? I can't find a link on their website.
asked Dec 13, 2010 about LiveReg
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1 answer 107 views
I have purchased Security Solutions Antispyware and I cannot update it because it keeps telling me there is an error. What to do, please?
asked Aug 31, 2010 about Security Solutions Antispyware
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1 answer 68 views
Why is 14-day update coming up as an error when I connect an Archos device?
asked Mar 8, 2010 about ArchosLink
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1 answer 207 views
WinDVD player will not let me install any updates to it. It keeps saying a fatal error has occurred and that I should try again later. What do I need to do?
asked Jan 6, 2010 about WinDVD
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2 answers 139 views
Can you help to update the program? When I'm trying, it asks for a CD which I don't have. The process is stopped and I can't do anything.
asked Sep 17, 2009 by Ray Green (120 points) about RealPlayer
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1 answer 110 views
I've updated the game and I can't play it any more. Why?
asked Mar 18, 2009 about Burnout (TM) Paradise The Ultimate Box