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Latest questions about "uninstall"

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I have a 30 day trial of Click N' Design that I'm trying to buy but it won't let me. I tried to uninstall but it won't. I have CND files that I need to work on and can't.
asked Mar 27, 2013
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1 answer 115 views
How can I uninstall MixiDJ V8 Toolbar?
asked Mar 22, 2013 about MixiDJ V8 Toolbar
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1 answer 196 views
How can I delete a program from my computer? Every time I try to do it I am told that 'The program is running'.
asked Mar 22, 2013
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2 answers 368 views
I need an automatic way to uninstall Ultra 9.3 desktop. I was unable to do so with msiexec.exe /x command.
asked Mar 19, 2013 about ULTRA Desktop
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3 answers 653 views
I don't know how I got it, but I have installed on my computer the Tuvaro toolbar. I can't uninstall this toolbar because it doesn't appear in my control panel list of programs. How can I remove it?
asked Mar 6, 2013 by Kelly Shultz (120 points) about Tuvaro toolbar on IE and Chrome
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1 answer 620 views
It pops up every time I try to go somewhere. It seems to be on my hard drive. Thank you!
asked Feb 17, 2013 by helen 5 (120 points) about QuickLinks
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1 answer 540 views
How do I uninstall Closet Maid v 1.5.1 and 1.5.2? It just won't let me uninstall it.
asked Feb 16, 2013
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2 answers 4.7k views
How uninstall vShare on iPad?
asked Feb 16, 2013
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1 answer 172 views
HISTORY: My NEC Versa 160M with XP Home Greek and Matshita UJ-850D drive, cannot burn CD's any more with Windows.
asked Feb 12, 2013 about RecordNow!
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5 answers 80.3k views
I don't like it and I want Google back. No offense, but I don't like it.
asked Feb 6, 2013
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3 answers 3.4k views
How to remove Sweetpacks from my computer and browsers? It keeps coming back even though I have uninstalled it.
asked Jan 23, 2013 by ruth 3 (120 points)
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2 answers 612 views
This toolbar is using all my resources and I can't get rid of it.
asked Jan 22, 2013 about Google Chrome
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2 answers 293 views
How can I disable all ArcSoft pop-ups on my computer? It doesn't respond to nothing I have tried. It will not uninstall though.
asked Jan 22, 2013 about ArcSoft
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7 answers 799 views
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2 answers 235 views
The version of Compaq Organize just quit working. I can't uninstall or re-install it. It's missing some files like "install.log" and "install-u".
asked Jan 19, 2013 by Lynn Kelley (120 points) about Compaq Organize
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1 answer 255 views
While trying to uninstall them I get an error: "Installation log was not found". There are entries that I cannot uninstall: Dream Day Wedding: Vegas Bundle and Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan.
asked Jan 13, 2013
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1 answer 603 views
My Ulead PhotoImpact X3 does not show up on my computer anymore. I can not access it.
asked Jan 9, 2013 by Guest #22782115 (120 points)