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Latest questions about "tools"

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Can anyone, please, tell me how to unvault some pictures? Actually, I have hidden them with the help of Vault but now my mobile phone has crashed.
asked Feb 11, 2013 by deepak 8 (120 points) about Super Vault - hide pictures
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How can I download Google Play application on my LG Extravert?
asked Feb 10, 2013 about Google Play services
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I can't download it to my UMX Android 2.2.6. Is there another download page for this?
asked Feb 5, 2013 about Adobe Flash Player 10.3
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How to type joint words in Marathi like TYA, VYA, etc. using this application?
asked Jan 25, 2013 by Ravi Desai (140 points) about MyAlpha
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I want to download muveehdplusaddon1.0.38.7596.exe but my SmartScreen filter says that it is dangerous and could harm my computer. Do you have any info about this?
asked Jan 22, 2013 about SmartScreen
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I own a tablet that runs Android OS. How can I get the Google Play application on it?
asked Jan 11, 2013 by Roberta McCartney (120 points) about Google Play services
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I have installed the application on my stolen Android phone. Why am I not receiving anything?
asked Dec 31, 2012 by VIVEK 4 (120 points) about Jumpstart for AndroidLost
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I'm currently trying to do my mini-project. I have an idea of combining all the office tools in a single application.
asked Dec 20, 2012 by Akshara (120 points)
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How to download Gujarati IndicIME language tools?
asked Dec 19, 2012
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I have FJ Vortex. It came with Adobe Flash Player pre-installed but still I cannot play FarmVille on the tablet. Why doesn't my tablet recognize that application?
asked Nov 24, 2012 by kolappan (14.7k points) about Adobe Flash Player 10.3
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Hello, my phone is ZTE-U X850(CNNXP3P22CYY2NP). I have tried to find software. But I couldn't. Please, could you tell how to find it? Thanks.
asked Nov 22, 2012 by yanwinsoe (120 points) about MSA Client
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2 answers 358 views
How to make game crossword puzzles with a backtracking algorithm?
asked Nov 21, 2012 by ismi nf (140 points) about AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++
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How to use Wifi Unlocker Donate?
asked Nov 21, 2012 by elmer 1 (120 points) about Wifi Unlocker Donate
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1 answer 198 views
I have a problem, my phone is a Huawei Ascend G-300.
asked Nov 10, 2012 by Windisch Lajos (120 points) about Magnifier & Microscope [Cozy]
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I cannot download the software on Samsung Tab 4.04. What can I do?
asked Nov 9, 2012 by ana tandara (120 points) about Adobe Flash Player 10.3
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2 answers 273 views
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How to install Adobe Flash Player for Huawei S7?
asked Oct 31, 2012 about Flash Player Install
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There is a facility within Mail Alerts to select the active days on which you want the alerts to function. I selected the days, but how can you revert from that screen to save the selection?
asked Oct 16, 2012 by gstones (140 points) about Mail Alert