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Latest questions about "tools and editors"

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I'm wondering if you're able to edit the model. I just want to change the shape and size of the object. Also, I would like to know if you can add different graphics for textures.
asked Aug 19, 2009 by Evin (140 points) about RPG Builder 3D
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Can I make a MMORPG with RPG Builder that contains different worlds and servers?
asked Aug 19, 2009 by Evin (140 points) about RPG Builder 3D
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What´s AGEIA? I don´t konw if it´s part of my machine´s software or was part of a play.
asked Jan 26, 2009 about AGEIA PhysX
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can somebody plz send me a link to download free software for playstation 2
asked Jan 24, 2009 about Pcsx2
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I already followed all necessary advices from all Garena forums and reviews. I can't start or even join a game. I am always asked for configuration.
asked Jan 22, 2009 about Garena
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2 answers 250 views
Someone hacked my ID in Garena. What can I do?
asked Dec 22, 2008 about Garena
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1 answer 115 views
Where can I get a key for Counter Strike?
asked Oct 1, 2008 about Half-Life Dedicated Server
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When I select the .exe file of the Cheat Engine program, it shows a big red cross with a "There's no hard disk" message. I can only retry or cancel.
asked Jul 7, 2008 about Cheat Engine
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3 answers 789 views
I cannot install Cheat Engine because I only have a limited account. How can I install and run the program?
asked Apr 28, 2008 by Majar (120 points) about Cheat Engine