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Latest questions about "tablet"

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Factory reset Proscan PLT8802G tablet. Is it possible?
asked Dec 16, 2014 by mike
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I constantly mislay my tablet, but always have my cell phone on me. Is there any small (Bluetooth?
asked Dec 5, 2014
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I have a Coby mid7048 tablet and I want to open some system applications, but can't. I know Coby have closed. Is there any way to get this done?
asked Oct 11, 2014
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I am using an Android tablet and I installed this app to secure my personal photos and now my tablet is broken and display doesn't work. How can I recover hidden photos from my tablet?
asked Sep 29, 2014
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I have a Microdigit M7500 tablet. I forgot my pattern lock and email ID. I tried to open in download mode by pressing the Vol+ and the Power button but the tab doesn't start.
asked Sep 14, 2014
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I already download Beyluxe Messenger on my tablet, but it says "Can't be opened". How can I install it?
asked Sep 10, 2014 about Beyluxe Messenger
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I have bought the tablet in object, with Android. I did read that I can put over Windows 8.1 and so I installed Windows 8.
asked Sep 3, 2014 about Manufacturing Flash Tool
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I am trying to load Viber on both my cell phone and tablet but it will only work on my cell phone and I am unable to complete the download on my tablet.
asked Jul 13, 2014 about Viber Messenger
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I have Viber on my tablet, which uses my cellular number to be able to function. I don't have 3G, only WiFi on the tablet, and in the meantime I moved abroad.
asked Jul 10, 2014 about Viber Messenger
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Can I play Hay Day on my Kindle Fire tablet?
asked Jul 9, 2014 about Hay Day
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Is there a version of Solitaire Blitz that can be played on a Kindle Fire tablet?
asked Jul 4, 2014
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My Proscan tablet won't let me download games. I did a factory reset and I'm online and still can't get games. Can you tell me what should I do?
asked Jun 28, 2014
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I have a problem with my Android tablet: the sound is unclear. What should I do?
asked Jun 10, 2014
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1 answer 86 views
I entered a wrong pattern on my Android tablet. I think that I know the Google password, but it isn't accepting any of the passwords I put in.
asked Jun 2, 2014
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While doing verification of mobile number on WhatsApp, it asks to reboot the tablet. I have Intex tablet. Can you tell me how can I reboot it?
asked May 29, 2014
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I have a tablet Softwiner EvB with Android 4.1.1 and no Google Play. The home screen has 2x3 dots as a menu indicator which should call submenue pages.
asked Apr 29, 2014 by Pacifico (120 points)
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My tablet is frozen at the boot screen. How to fix it?
asked Apr 27, 2014
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How can I unlock my Intex IT-IRIS tablet? It was locked due to too many pattern attempts.
asked Apr 27, 2014
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1 answer 240 views
I have a Toshiba tablet and it tells me that the game Injustice Gods Among Us is incompatible. Will this game be made to be compatible with my device?
asked Apr 27, 2014 about Injustice
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How are computers categorized? Which type of computer provides a user with mobility as well as essentially the same processing capabilities as a desktop personal computer?
asked Apr 26, 2014 by imtimoa (240 points)