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Latest questions about "sync"

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1 answer 98 views
Is the interface available in English?
asked Aug 22, 2011 about Synchronizer
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1 answer 148 views
Would the bookmarks synchronization be included in the next releases?
asked Jun 22, 2011 about 4Sync
0 votes
1 answer 113 views
Where can I download the new version of Micromax PC Sync Tool?
asked Jun 10, 2011 about Micromax PC Sync Tool
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1 answer 192 views
I installed the new Blackberry Desktop Manager version 6 but when I start it I get a don't send error. And one thing, the version 5 of BDM works very well only the v6 is giving me problems.
asked Mar 11, 2011 by Siddhant Amrite (120 points) about BlackBerry Desktop Manager
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1 answer 170 views
I cannot open the program on my computer. Can you help me?
asked Mar 3, 2011 about Samsung Media Studio
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1 answer 251 views
I have LG GT350I and I want to transfer songs from my computer to device. The LG PC Suite is not working properly and I'm unable to transfer songs or videos.
asked Jan 15, 2011 about LG PC Suite
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6 answers 286 views
For the last hour I have tried to find a way to transfer contacts and text messages from my Samsung mobile to my PC.
asked Jan 7, 2011 about imagine digital freedom - Samsung
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1 answer 99 views
I'm not able to download my Pantech Laser data to my computer. Can you help?
asked Dec 29, 2010 about Pantech PCSuite
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1 answer 168 views
I'm receiving an error message saying "No phone information exists. Make connection in PC Suite Mode and try again in a different mode".
asked Dec 17, 2010 by timothy sanford 1 (120 points) about LG PC Suite
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1 answer 229 views
I have a Navman S30 3D device that I can't update without this software. Where can I find it?
asked Oct 13, 2010 about NavDesk
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1 answer 139 views
How do I uninstall this program from my computer? I can't find its files on my PC and I can't remove it.
asked Sep 6, 2010 by Wayne Seiger (120 points) about VC Sync (CE) Y!Epic Community Ed.
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1 answer 183 views
My computer doesn't recognize my Samsung device. The mobile is showing that it is connected with the computer. What can I do?
asked Mar 17, 2010 about Windows Driver Package - MobileTop (sshpusb) USB
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1 answer 136 views
I downloaded Sync My iTunes and I can't run it because it gives me an error. I get error no.13 "Permission denied". Does anybody know how I can fix this so I can run Sync My iTunes?
asked Jan 23, 2010 by Ivan Leal (120 points) about SYNC My iTunes
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1 answer 231 views
I purchased LG KM335 mobile phone, but I cannot sync it with my computer through USB cable. Can I use Phone Suite? I want to copy music and video files from my PC to mobile.
asked Dec 29, 2009 about Phone Suite
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1 answer 182 views
I can't install the application on my Windows XP computer.
asked Dec 19, 2009 about Nokia Ovi Suite
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1 answer 144 views
I'm told Route 66 is free for those in Europe with the purchase of a Samsung (S8000 Jet) phone. I bought 2 from an online vendor in the US and no such license was included.
asked Nov 8, 2009 by Rod (120 points) about ROUTE 66 Sync
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2 answers 1.2k views
This URL does not work: Where can I find a working one?
asked Aug 22, 2009 about Nokia Suite
0 votes
1 answer 401 views
I cannot send USSD commands from Mobile Partner. Can you help?
asked Aug 19, 2009 by lasantha (120 points) about Mobile Partner
0 votes
1 answer 238 views
I'm trying to determine if this will allow the LG phone I'm thinking of buying to sync with, say Thunderbird? Or any other software other than Microsoft Outlook.
asked Mar 1, 2009 by PeterT (120 points) about LG PC Suite
0 votes
1 answer 118 views
I can't use my username and password on Sprint web page anymore. Can you help me?
asked Nov 10, 2008 by Stephen 6 (120 points) about Sprint Desktop Sync