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Latest questions about "sound"

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I can't hear the The Seventh-Day Adventist Hymnal sound. Can you help?
asked Oct 29, 2012 by Enoch Fatoho Essien (120 points) about The Seventh-Day Adventist Hymnal
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I install Windows 8 Professional x64 on my Acer AS5750G and lost my driver called Dolby Advanced Audio V2.
asked Oct 29, 2012
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How to remove the vocal sound from a MP3?
asked Oct 22, 2012
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I bought the Sony IC Recorder ICD-AX412. Sound Organizer only works for the PC. Is there a Mac compatible product that will allow me to edit Sony IC Recorder recordings on my Mac?
asked Oct 10, 2012 by Alec 2 (120 points) about Sound Organizer
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While using Skype, the sound used to drop. I checked the settings, everything was right. After the update, it seems that the problem was solved.
asked Sep 8, 2012 about Skype
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PolderbitS will not work in Windows Compatible mode. Yet, they have new programs that advertise that it will run with Windows 7. Should I uninstall the program and download an updated version?
asked Aug 25, 2012 about PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor
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I want to purchase some speakers for my "Dell,Inspiron,SRS Premium sound". I would like the max I could purchase to spread music throughout the house.
asked Jul 15, 2012
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How can I amplify the sound of an AMR file, or an MP3 or any audio file recorded using a mobile device?
asked May 13, 2012
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I have PC Theatre 5.1 Surround System on my Windows XP and I attached the wires in the right place. I put on some music but it won't play.
asked Apr 8, 2012
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2 answers 851 views
I need a sound editing application. Not a professional one, but the one that will let me add markings and notes to my sound recordings. I record my voice practices and lectures to review them.
asked Apr 5, 2012 by kuoyuting (200 points)
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My ALPS pointing device buttons make a "click" sound when touched. I can turn the click off on my keyboard. Can I turn it off on the pointing device buttons?
asked Mar 26, 2012 by Guest #23639579 (120 points)
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Need a sound driver software for Sahara Made Laptop - OS XP Pro, any help?
asked Mar 19, 2012
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1 answer 126 views
There is no sound on YouTube. Can you help?
asked Apr 17, 2011 about imagine digital freedom - Samsung
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1 answer 253 views
This Creative launcher is not working on Windows 7. What should I do to get it running on Windows 7?
asked Dec 2, 2010 about Creative Console Launcher
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I truly appreciate my COSMI 6000 Sound Effects program. However, I do need some assistance with it presently. Formerly used the program with Windows XP.
asked Sep 3, 2010 by Thomas Grimes (120 points) about COSMI 6000 Sound Effects
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There is no sound when I start Windows. Can you help?
asked Feb 13, 2010 by said 3 (120 points) about Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
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Why after reinstallation of Windows, ManyCam does not detect the video source on Euresys card with 4 input video? I have no problem with messenger from XP.
asked Jan 10, 2010 about ManyCam
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Can I convert a VSP file to AVI format? I need a converter. Can you help me?
asked Jan 4, 2010 about Corel VideoStudio
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after instalation of realtek, My O.S windows xp service-3
asked Mar 6, 2009 about Realtek AC'97 Audio