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Latest questions about "software information"

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I have this software on my computer (Live! OSD Ver. 1.20(AD)) and I don't know what it does. Is it mandatory for proper operation on my system, or is it just helpful?
asked Apr 14, 2016 by shannon8652 (120 points) about LIVE! OSD (AD)
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I no longer have the Photo Suite program, but I need to open .pza files made by this program. Can anyone help me to get the pictures and info from my .
asked Apr 13, 2016 by Charlotte about Photo Suite
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How do you activate or buy the software? And can I download it?
asked Apr 6, 2016 by thomas 24 (120 points) about DCPrint
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Why can't I download it anymore? What happened? Who blocked the website? Thanks for information.
asked Mar 27, 2016 by johnny
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Is there a screenshot of Chinese Checkers game? Does it have sound effects (marble clicks, etc.)? Can it be played entirely offline? Also, can I play it on Windows 10?
asked Mar 24, 2016 about Chinese Checkers
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We evaluating the tools for a well known customer. Please, can you share what is the latest and minimal version of XPR fax product with supported operating system.
asked Mar 23, 2016 by kavitha
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In GeoHMS through ArcMap extensions: I have computed the CN Grids and try to use (Subbasin parameters from Raster) and then compute CN Lag, but I get errors: (1) When I try to make Subbasin...
asked Mar 14, 2016 by Rozita Kian (120 points) about HEC-GeoHMS
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What is the purpose of this application?
asked Mar 6, 2016 about Astellas Windows 7 Desktop Policies
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My name is Sonia Khatri & I work for a large global software reseller, SoftwareONE. We have an end user interested in below mentioned license for their environment in UK.
asked Feb 28, 2016 by Sonia Khatri
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What exactly is PitchPro? I saw basic info that it was developed by JP Morgan Chase for creating templates to use within PowerPoint.
asked Feb 28, 2016 by Bob Long about Pitchpro Docpro R2
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Where Soapalone software is used? What is the purpose?
asked Feb 28, 2016
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I have Avisoft Organiser v3.0 on Windows 7. How do I update to the latest version, and is that compatible with Windows 10?
asked Feb 24, 2016
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I want to know how to use this and is there any kind of tutorials for this financial app?
asked Feb 16, 2016 by shaik about Lucida Financial Application -
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What is this software used for?
asked Feb 13, 2016 by Swapnil Likhdhari about AVA-32bit
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I'm using GPS Locker but have no idea what it's doing. Is there any documentation?
asked Feb 6, 2016 by fowgre
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Is this a legitimate copy of VP10 to download for free? Who is providing this?
asked Feb 5, 2016 by Fan Chong-yi
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Is this application as good as Windows Store or Software informer?
asked Jan 30, 2016 by SiLvester “HM” HeLos (180 points) about PC App Store
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Is this a genuine versions of Camtasia Studio 7.1 available for free?
asked Jan 26, 2016 by Jorgen about Camtasia
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What is K03 and how does it work?
asked Jan 21, 2016 about K03 TLL