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Latest questions about "software information"

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I had Low Rate VoIP and after last update, it changed name to something different. Unfortunately, my PC is gone and I had to buy a new one so I lost all info and programs too.
asked Feb 10, 2015 by Jojo
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What is the relevance of MagUTM to an MWD engineer?
asked Feb 6, 2015 about MagUTM
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How can I buy a license for Poker Clock 2.2? Website has been down at least a month.
asked Feb 3, 2015
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I have just upgraded to Photoscape PRO but nothing has been changed and I can't locate the software or the upgrade.
asked Feb 3, 2015 by Brian Laney about PhotoScape
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Wondering whether any external device needs to be added via the parallel port, also about the purpose of the program in reality?
asked Feb 1, 2015 by Guest #35169629 (160 points) about BendControl
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I have been working 30-years on computers S/3, S/38, AS/400 and iSeries. Recently I developed an application, which covers the fields of distribution, finance and analyses.
asked Feb 1, 2015 by Jozef 2 (120 points) about WinRPG-Personal Edition
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Who is the developer of Property Intellect Personal Edition 3.1 software please?
asked Jan 28, 2015 by Ahmad Nejad (180 points)
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Can I download the list of software related to a certain topic? Maybe in a table format with info and the license and the number of users?
asked Jan 28, 2015 by kadyna (120 points)
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The tricomfi application is on my computer. Is it harmful? What is it used for? Should I remove it?
asked Jan 28, 2015 by Glenda about tricomfi
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Is the software truly the MYM System? Will it work on Windows 8.1?
asked Jan 28, 2015 by JIM BOTHWELL about Managing Your Money
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I have Estimator Pro 4.1. Has the program changed enough to upgrade?
asked Jan 27, 2015 by Glenn about Estimator Pro
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I work in software engineering and need to access all information i can find on the software AMADEA (PDF, trial version). I have tried to contact ISOFT but I haven't not got any responses from them.
asked Jan 21, 2015 by allanot (120 points)
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What are the disadvantages of using Algebrator software?
asked Jan 21, 2015 about Algebrator
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The app for VGBA is missing from the Play Store. Is there anyone else having this problem?
asked Jan 18, 2015 by Soap
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How does this application work?
asked Jan 18, 2015 about Georgian BPG GEL Unicode
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Is Moldex 3d available in UG?
asked Jan 16, 2015 by Nag about Moldex3D R10.0 SP2 32-bit
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1 answer 92 views
What does this program do?
asked Jan 15, 2015 by Sven Bortels
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How many gigabytes does the NIV PDF take?
asked Jan 13, 2015
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I need some information about the Windows Phone app.
asked Jan 13, 2015 by Ali Naci Ulku, Imir, Turkey
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When I look at the Camera Roll on the software it still shows pictures that I deleted from my phone. So I may have zero pics on my phone, but the software shows 150 pics when I click on camera roll.
asked Jan 13, 2015 by Paul