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Please inform what type of security protocol is used in getVPN. Is any of those PPP, PPTP, L2F, L2TP, IP Security (IPSec), SSTP and OpenVPN? I am doing a research for school.
asked Nov 10, 2015 by ana almeida about GetPrivate
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I am one of the original users of Trellix. As my site is only rarely updated, I ended up downloading something called Globalscape 5.
asked Nov 2, 2015 by Gary about Trellix
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How to make the USB to Serial adapter connect to the Axtrax unit? When I click on the device manager USB is operating correctly, but it's not connecting to the unit.
asked Oct 15, 2015 about AxTrax AS-525
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Does the system work on VM servers?
asked Oct 15, 2015 about GuardPoint Pro
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How does this program work?
asked Sep 14, 2015 about WampServer
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Will TunnelBear work on my old iPad with iOS5?
asked Aug 24, 2015 about TunnelBear
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How can I get access to VPN Express on Windows 10 again after upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10?
asked Aug 19, 2015 about ExpressVPN
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I would like to check how can I purchase an Alchemy Search license?
asked Jun 26, 2015 by Mandy about Alchemy Search
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How to install and work with Cisco VPN Client?
asked Apr 8, 2015 by Guest #37465586 (120 points) about Cisco VPN Client
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What is the port number of the Eterm32 on which it is working??
asked Jan 23, 2015 about E-Term32
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I purchased Terrapin FTP 6 years ago and have lost my CD. Since then, I have replaced my PC. I have my registration code and original e-mail with info, but have also changed my e-mail address.
asked Nov 12, 2014 by Chris about Terrapin FTP
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Enterprise mobility has become a latest trend at workplace with a shift in work habits of employees.
asked Nov 5, 2014 by Shalini Dixit (1.1k points)
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When using AxTrax AS-525, what does warning started-reader tampered and Input returned to default mode by PC mean?
asked Aug 22, 2014 about AxTrax AS-525
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Can we install Cisco VPN Client on a Windows Server?
asked Aug 2, 2014 about Cisco VPN Client
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Buffalo NAS Navigator locks up my XP PC by utilizing all capability. The only way to solve the problem, temporarily, is through Task manager to stop the program from running.
asked Aug 1, 2014 by Max K. Culver (120 points) about BUFFALO NAS Navigator
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How to convert the old SQL base from an XP based AxTrax to import it into the new Windows 7 based program?
asked Jul 24, 2014 about AxTrax AS-525
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VNAP is not working on my desktop. It replies with the following message: "Local service port 8888 used by another application or service". Can you help me?
asked Jul 15, 2014 about VNAP .NetBuster Proxy Pro
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How to purchase an Exceed Hummingbird license?
asked Jul 7, 2014 about Hummingbird Exceed
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Why is this application not working anymore?
asked Jul 4, 2014 by Guest #33215726 (120 points) about iWASEL Pro
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Why is this application not installing?
asked Jun 30, 2014 by Guest #33153159 (120 points) about Expat Shield