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Latest questions about "sd card"

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Can I install Adobe Flash Player on my Nintendo 3DS? I've plugged in my SD card, how do I download Adobe Flash Player?
asked Aug 1, 2013 by bobbybbob111 (170 points) about Adobe Flash Player
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I have performed a reset of my phone and the SD card data was deleted. How to get the contents back?
asked Jul 2, 2013
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I have a SD card by EMTEC and when I put it in my computer, it does not show anything. I go to "My computer" and there's not any sign of my SD card.
asked Jun 18, 2013
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Whenever I try to install an app on my Lenovo Tab it is giving the following error message: "can't install it on your SD card". What should I do to clear this issue?
asked Apr 16, 2013
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What is the master password, for just in case I forget my password?
asked Feb 9, 2013 by Dre3m (120 points)
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How to move an application to a SD card on Android OS 2.1?
asked Nov 28, 2012
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How do I install a Navionics gold chart on my PC? I do not want to download it I already have it on a microSD card.
asked Nov 8, 2012 about Navionics
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If I move my Gameloft data to my external SD card, will I be able to play the games like before? Will I lose my progress? Do I need to root the phone and use directory bind correct?
asked Nov 4, 2012
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I have a SD memory card with 32MB and I can't format it (low level) due to "Your device cannot be accessed as it is smaller than 65535 sectors".
asked Aug 29, 2009 by kanchan (120 points) about Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool