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Latest questions about "science"

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I am new in Fragstats and I want to assess population fragmentation using Clumpiness. My raster data is presence/absence of species (1.0).
asked Jan 27, 2015 about Fragstats
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I am using MC9 and I have issues with MC9. I got access to MC9 few days ago and everything is working perfectly.
asked Jan 23, 2015 about Micro-Cap
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I have a JPG file with the PCB layout. Does this software support conversion from JPG to a PCB file format which could be used to order PCBs online?
asked Dec 24, 2014 by KENNETH ANDERSEN about PCB Wizard 3
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How can I make formula smaller? How can I draw the formula of a reaction just in a one line and change the page from portrait to landscape?
asked Sep 20, 2014 about ChemDraw Pro
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I am a researcher of Proteomics. I have several questions while I use ClinPro Tools. 1) Suppose I set peak range from 1000-5000, I got 3 potential candidates with ROC>0.
asked Sep 14, 2014 about Bruker Daltonics ClinProTools
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What is the Standard format of "Bill of Quantity" for Skirting in BIM and what is the easy way to calculate it?
asked Aug 22, 2014 about Autodesk Revit Architecture
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What is the difference between TINA & other simulation applications?
asked Aug 12, 2014 about Tina - TI
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I have downloaded EViews 7 from the Internet, but it requires a license key. From where can I get a key code?
asked Aug 11, 2014 by Guest #33770497 (120 points) about EViews
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I want to buy it, but the page for buying doesn't work. I sent this message to but it failed to reach the destination.
asked Aug 7, 2014 about BrainWave Generator
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How can I use Poisson Superfish?
asked Jul 8, 2014 about Poisson Superfish
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Micro Cap evaluation 11 stops working every few minutes, it installed on a Lenovo Thinkpad under Windows 7 OS.
asked Jul 6, 2014 about Micro-Cap
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After doing the multiple alignment of sequences, I click on the option "Graphic View" but I get this error message: "Operation not supported on selected printer".
asked Jul 1, 2014 about BioEdit
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How to delete 5-1 police and music?
asked Jun 22, 2014 about Google Earth
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I have an old version of the Ultimate Human Body on DVD which I cannot open. My system requires 64bit version. Can I download?
asked Jun 20, 2014 about The Ultimate Human Body
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Is 32bit version of Revit Architecture 2013 available?
asked Jun 18, 2014 about Autodesk Revit Architecture
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When we want to see how change a parameter of network, such as bus voltage at the during time (from zero to four seconds of sample time like 0.
asked Jun 2, 2014 about DIgSILENT PowerFactory
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How do I make TracerDAQ work on my Mac?
asked May 18, 2014 about TracerDAQ
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How can I download Flac3D v3.1?
asked May 5, 2014 by Guest #32190282 (120 points) about FLAC3D
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I'm looking to download Revit Architecture (64 bits). I'm not sure which revision is suitable. Will a 32bit do the job?
asked Apr 30, 2014 about Autodesk Revit Architecture
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2 answers 282 views
I need an instruction manual for Visidata Interdex. Can you help me?
asked Apr 28, 2014 about Interdex