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Latest questions about "removal guide"

0 votes
1 answer 88 views
How do I remove it from my PC?
asked Jul 6, 2014 about The Armadillo
0 votes
1 answer 364 views
How do I remove HQ-Video-Pro 1.8?
asked Jun 12, 2014 about HQ-Video-Pro-1.8
0 votes
1 answer 213 views
What is Tag Buddy and how do I remove it?
asked Jun 11, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 63 views
What is QueeanCOupon, how did it get on my computer and how do I remove it?
asked Jun 1, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 321 views
I'm using Internet Explorer 10, and the Bing HRS toolbar keeps causing crashing/restarting. I am not able to uninstall or to remove.
asked May 29, 2014 about Bing HRS Toolbar
0 votes
1 answer 894 views
How do I remove StealthGenie from my Android?
asked May 26, 2014 about Uninstaller
0 votes
1 answer 156 views
How do I get rid of Webcam Wallpaper?
asked May 26, 2014 about Webcam Wallpaper
0 votes
3 answers 189 views
I try to uninstall Shopper Pro from my computer and it tells me to close all my Chrome browsing windows, which I have done all day now. I am trying to get it off my computer.
asked May 26, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 1.2k views
I am unable to deactivate Xolo Secure from Device Administrator. Please let me know how to do it.
asked May 26, 2014 by shreniknahar (120 points)
0 votes
1 answer 199 views
I installed the Dr.Fone software and it became my Samsung administrator. I want to uninstall this from my Samsung phone. How can I do it?
asked May 26, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 917 views
I can't even find the file by search to try to delete it manually and I want this out of my computer. Can you help?
asked May 25, 2014 about Muvic Smartbar Engine
0 votes
1 answer 89 views
I want to delete Neko 1.0. How do I do it?
asked May 11, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 77 views
I installed AVG free version, and had to uninstall it due to a conflict. Now when I start the computer, there is that file: Avguis.exe mentioned an error and to close application.
asked May 9, 2014 about AVG Zen
0 votes
1 answer 223 views
How do I uninstall Avira Free Antivirus?
asked May 9, 2014 about Avira Free Antivirus
0 votes
1 answer 59 views
Can not uninstall the 3D Casto storage while program does not appear in the Installed programs. This is urgent because this problem has persisted for a long time.
asked May 3, 2014 about casto 3D rangement
0 votes
2 answers 107 views
I got this somehow and my antivirus program won't detect anything but I do suffer from some strange issues.
asked Apr 30, 2014 by Novicewannoy (120 points)
0 votes
1 answer 323 views
How to unsintall NetooCoupon Chrome Extension? Every time I try to remove it, it comes back the next time I open Chrome. It's not in Add Remove Programs, Anti-Spyware can't find it.
asked Apr 28, 2014
+1 vote
2 answers 151 views
For some reason, the Downloader.AUO always pops-up on my web browser, I am using Internet Explorer. It stops me from accessing any searches. And a lot of unsolicited pop-up ads annoys me.
asked Apr 25, 2014 by mike luman (150 points)
0 votes
1 answer 116 views
How do I delete YTAAdRRemovaL? I did not download this program knowingly and want it uninstalled from my computer. Cannot find it using the search.
asked Apr 16, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 147 views
Discount Dragon uninstall procedure. Can you help?
asked Apr 16, 2014 by Anna Franzl (120 points) about Discount Dragon