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Latest questions about "remote computing"

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I'm using the DigiOp Remote Manager program right now on my store, but I'm wondering if there is a program that I can download on my phone so that I can view my store using my phone instead of having...
asked Nov 2, 2010 by Hung Thai (120 points) about DigiOp Remote Manager
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1 answer 166 views
I have a HT-C6530 Blue-Ray DVD device. Where can I download Samsung Share Manager software for my device?
asked Oct 12, 2010 by maganlal patel (120 points) about SAMSUNG PC Share Manager
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3 answers 149 views
Can I connect to default OS X VNC-client?
asked Aug 31, 2010 by svinovobla (590 points)
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I use Wireless Manager 5 v.2 on my LG Netbook. Recently I have reset the information fields to zero and sent a small email file of about 100 KB for the test purpose.
asked Aug 19, 2010 by RudolfFW (120 points) about Sony Ericsson Wireless Manager
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1 answer 79 views
How can I retrieve dynamic IP address from my DVR?
asked Mar 25, 2010 about Anyplace Control
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1 answer 132 views
I've selected several folders to view but only the first one shows up. When I make changes to the list of folders that I want to share, they don't appear in the Blu-ray menu.
asked Mar 21, 2010 by Frankhdil (120 points) about SAMSUNG PC Share Manager
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1 answer 118 views
When I try to uninstall the program, get following error message: "An installation support file could not be installed. The system cannot find the file specified.
asked Mar 12, 2010
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1 answer 88 views
How to pass arguments from the command line? How can I run a script?
asked Mar 12, 2010 about Remote Script
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1 answer 169 views
New to the SamSung SyncMaster XL2370 and Windows 7 I know nothing of MultiScreen. What does it do, is it just another gagit to clutter my computer or is it a "real" tool?
asked Mar 2, 2010 by Alan Maynard (120 points) about MultiScreen
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I can't uninstall SAMSUNG PC Share Manager. Can you help me?
asked Feb 28, 2010 by christindom (150 points) about SAMSUNG PC Share Manager
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4 answers 256 views
My SAMSUNG PC Share Manager doesn't work well. Can you help?
asked Feb 28, 2010 by christindom (150 points) about SAMSUNG PC Share Manager
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1 answer 115 views
I need the source code for my research. Is it available?
asked Jan 13, 2010 by nazirah27 (120 points) about WOL Magic Packet Sender
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1 answer 283 views
I installed the Wifi Max model following the instructions from the provided guide, but for some reason I can't go to the Xlink Kai interface or the web-face.
asked Jan 12, 2010 about XLink Kai Engine
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1 answer 96 views
I am getting a persistent Runtime Error from Dell DataSafe: "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way".
asked Dec 29, 2009 by Peggy 3 (120 points) about Dell DataSafe
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1 answer 282 views
Can you tell me about Remote Desktop Connection? How does it work?
asked Nov 21, 2009 about Remote Desktop Connection
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1 answer 334 views
Is there a way to recover an account on XLink Kai Engine if I forgot my username?
asked Aug 25, 2009 about XLink Kai Engine
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1 answer 72 views
Can't install this application on my mobile with Windows CE 5.0. It says it's not a Windows CE program.
asked Jun 15, 2008 about z2 Remote2PC