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Latest questions about "remote computing"

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What's the server name?
asked Jan 6, 2014 by Guest #29576430 (120 points) about Kerio VPN Client
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The DUC program is preventing my system from logging off or shutting down. How can I fix this?
asked Dec 31, 2013 about No-IP DUC
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Can StickySorter be used by a group that is not located all together in one room?
asked Dec 12, 2013 about StickySorter
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We have published Worktop in Citrix Xenapp for remote users. Users are able to open the program, but if a user clicks BW link, the program stays in a hanging state.
asked Nov 28, 2013 about Infor Worktop
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Are we going to get an update for Remote Desktop Organizer to run on Windows 8.1??
asked Nov 27, 2013 about Remote Desktop Organizer
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Can you please confirm that TeamViewer 3 Host is the version of TeamViewer which enables access to the remote computer without the need for manual password verification from the host computer user?
asked Nov 5, 2013 about TeamViewer Host
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I've been using the VPN Client for more than 2 years now. Today, I encountered an error that said, "Login failed. Please consult the switch log for further information".
asked Oct 18, 2013 about Nortel VPN Client
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I wish I had a program that would tell me how much bandwidth a specific LAN or WLAN card is using.
asked Sep 24, 2013 about PSPdisp
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1.Which actions are required after the Radmin server has been installed on the remote computer? 2.What kind of information is required to set up a remote connection in Radmin?
asked Sep 20, 2013 about Radmin Viewer
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One of my friends can see my Gmail account contacts in his Vsee. I think it's because of the first setting while I was signing up. How to change it?
asked Sep 19, 2013 about VSee
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There is a prompt for a registration key, but no link to get one. What's up with that. Takes the rating down two stars.
asked Sep 17, 2013 about Remote Mouse
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Is Putty only suitable for SSH or can I use it for anything else?
asked Jun 12, 2013 about PuTTY
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1 answer 141 views
The e-mail I used to sign in has been disabled. How can I change it?
asked Feb 25, 2013 by Thad (120 points) about DropBox Application
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What if there are two people working on the same file at the same time? Will Dropbox save both changes?
asked Feb 21, 2013 by Leilani (120 points) about DropBox Application
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I have a static IP. How can I assign it to my DVR System for remote viewing?
asked Jan 19, 2013 by Anand 5 (120 points) about HI-FOCUS DVR System
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We're having a bit of a problem controlling some Windows 7 64-bit computers. We only see a black screen, but it says it is connected to the other computer (Windows 7 64bit).
asked Jan 8, 2013 by cathy funk (120 points) about DameWare Mini Remote Control
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Previously I used normal VNCviewer (not the tight one) and I used ALT + Tab to switch between windows inside VNC. This feature is not present in TightVNC.
asked Dec 26, 2012 by shruti 1 (120 points) about TightVNC
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The Hawkes bay Knowledgebank Trust has recently acquired a Nikon D90 camera so that we can digitize historical photographs and documents.
asked Oct 9, 2012 by Grant Ancell (120 points) about NKRemote
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I wanted to know what tools (toolkits, APIs, etc) were used for the server. I'm trying to develop a cross-platform audio broadcasting server for Windows and Linux.
asked Oct 9, 2012 by Amol Verma (120 points) about SoundWire Server