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I want to scan my pen drive to recover my old data immediately.
asked Jan 15, 2013 by varan gurjar (120 points)
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1 answer 265 views
Hello! Recently I have recovered one file from my Samsung S2 which I have deleted by accident.
asked Dec 16, 2012
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How to uninstall Facebook Limiter if I lost my password and can't recall the answer to the question?
asked Dec 9, 2012
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Is there a device or program that will recover deleted call logs and text messages on my Verizon Samsung Gusto U360 cell phone? It does use a SIM card.
asked Dec 1, 2012
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29 answers 9k views
How can I recover my deleted contact from Samsung Galaxy Pop?
asked Nov 23, 2012
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1 answer 191 views
I accidentally deleted Video Download Converter. How can I reinstall it?
asked Nov 17, 2012
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3 answers 391 views
I would like to explain my situation. I have a folder named *** and I locked it using USB lock application. My brother created a folder with the same name and locked it and then he deleted it.
asked Nov 14, 2012 by khaled 4 (120 points)
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1 answer 72 views
I have an original copy of American Greetings Card which I bought in February 2004. Now the disc is scratched and I cannot use it anymore.
asked Oct 16, 2012 by Erris (120 points) about American Greetings CreataCard Gold 6
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How can I recover deleted pictures back onto my Photo Vault application?
asked Oct 10, 2012
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3 answers 813 views
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2 answers 2.1k views
I had two windows active in Open Office. I unplugged the USB which had a DOC opened for printing.
asked Oct 7, 2012
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3 answers 1.3k views
How do you recover a forgotten password of a biometric device?
asked Sep 22, 2012
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3 answers 3.5k views
Can I recover deleted voice messages on my Samsung Galaxy S3?
asked Sep 10, 2012
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11 answers 26.7k views
I forgot my user password and now I cannot access my Desktop.
asked Aug 10, 2012 by Guest #17758897 (130 points)