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I have Mr. Photo 1.6 and when I try to add pictures, it shows only the desktop ones while I also need the ones from My Documents. What should I do?
asked Nov 11, 2010 about Mr. Photo Gold
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I got this program the other day on "giveaway of the day" for free (I downloaded it within the 24 hours allowed). It's a great program but there is an update for it.
asked Oct 30, 2010 about Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Standard
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Will Microsoft Picture It! Photo 2002 run on Windows 7?
asked Sep 9, 2010 about Microsoft Picture It! Photo 2002
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My HP MediaSmart Photo doesn't work. Can you help?
asked Aug 19, 2010 about HP MediaSmart Photo
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I have brought a printer and this program came on the CD with it. Do I have to pay for the new version as it is asking me to do?
asked Apr 20, 2010 about FaceFilter Studio
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I have lost some photos in jasc paintshop. When file opened allof photos turned to X. Next time i tried only one x in file, help please!!!
asked Jan 11, 2010 about Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album
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I really like the 2001 version of Microsoft Picture it Photo Premium 2001. My question is what version can I purchase for Windows 7 that will compare to the 2001 version?
asked Dec 28, 2009 by Emely 1 (120 points) about Microsoft Picture It! Photo Premium 2001
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I deleted all pictures stored in my Nokia Lifeblog. How can I recover them?
asked Dec 21, 2009 by forela raymundo (120 points) about Nokia Lifeblog
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1 answer 134 views
I have Paintshop Pro and it allows me to use webcams for pics but I need a twain source for my integrated webcam. Does this device have one, and if so how do I get access to it?
asked Dec 13, 2009 by Brad 4 (120 points) about Dell Webcam Center
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I want to send a message to my friend on his mobile, he is in UAE. How do I send a message on his mobile using Yahoo Messenger?
asked Dec 12, 2009 about Yahoo! BrowserPlus
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I don't know what is this software. I want to remove it, but I'm afraid. Can you help?
asked Oct 28, 2009 by Hdbabe49 (180 points) about Photo Click
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How do I activate my webcam on my Dell 1720?
asked Aug 24, 2009 about Dell Webcam Center
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1 answer 172 views
Does anyone know how to adjust calibration on slide/film OVT Scanner?
asked Feb 13, 2009 by Frank White (140 points) about CRS Photo Scanner
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I cannot send photos via email. Why and what can I do?
asked Jan 30, 2009 by Barb C. (120 points) about Comcast PhotoShow Deluxe
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I downloaded the Print Perfect from the CD, but it never installed a desktop icon and I can't find it in my programs. Where is it?
asked Jan 8, 2009 by Lawrence Shattuck (120 points) about Print Perfect Photo Editor
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How can I replace the ink cartridge in my Dell Photo AIO Printer 926?
asked Dec 3, 2008 by donna vanluchene (120 points) about Dell Photo AIO Printer 926