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Latest questions about "personal interest"

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Is there any plan to create an Android version of Garmin BaseCamp?
asked Jun 20, 2017 by Cintrog about Garmin BaseCamp
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Will TSC address book work with Windows 10?
asked Jun 19, 2017 by DicK about TSC Free Address Book
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How do I get the free trial on Otis?
asked Jun 18, 2017 by Guest #45353748 (120 points) about Otis - the virtual patient
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The HiSuite gives the following options Contacts, Video, Messages, Apps, but not Music? How can I get the musictab ? I have a Huawei P9 Lite.
asked Jun 4, 2017 by Marc about HiSuite
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What is the cost of Auction Sentry?
asked May 19, 2017 by Stephen Kuzara about Auction Sentry
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Went to renew the program I purchased last year and the site is gone. Also, the support phone number is no longer in service? This really puts me in a bind for running my golf league.
asked May 14, 2017 by Mike about ScoreCard Golf
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I have Mediaface 5.0.40. How do I print on the Adhesive Spine (CD Plus Sheets)? I can't get the print to go longwise.
asked May 12, 2017 by Steve about MediaFACE
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I have recently purchased a new computer and want to transfer my license over from my current PC which will be scrapped. How do I do that? I have the original activation code.
asked May 9, 2017 by Brian Ternoway about NeuroActive
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Will it work on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit?
asked May 2, 2017 about BlueStacks
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What's the diffence between 3.0, 4.0, 4.1, 4.3? Can you get this on CD?
asked Apr 22, 2017 by juls about Birthday Bios
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I've been using BCF Weatherzone Tracker for a while now, and it suddenly stopped working about a week ago. Why won't it work?
asked Apr 17, 2017 by ShanTe about BCF Weatherzone Tracker
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I need a pairing template for 13 teams.
asked Apr 14, 2017 by suzanne about ScoreCard Golf
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What is the use of knowing the Abjad value of one's name? How can I determine if the Abjad value of my name is good or bad or what does it signify?
asked Apr 10, 2017 by Shah about Abjad Numbers
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Does this program have a buy-sell agreement?
asked Mar 28, 2017 about Family Lawyer
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How can I buy and download The Golfer's Diary?
asked Mar 26, 2017 by Rick about The Golfer's Diary
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How can I transfer audio files (MP3) from and to the phone using HiSuite?
asked Mar 22, 2017 by Rabeh about HiSuite
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Is there a version for DftCom2 that can run on Windows10? I have tried one that seemed to me as the proper one, but I had some troubles and one of them related to JAVA.
asked Mar 20, 2017 by Maria Isabel G. da Fontoura about DftCom2
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it gives me an "Internal error failed to retrieve Adobe account". Why would Noon Study need an Adobe account to log into my Barnes and Noble account?
asked Mar 17, 2017 about NOOKstudy
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Where can I purchase SpectraLab432?
asked Mar 9, 2017 by Dave about SpectraLab
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I am the meet secretary for the University of Aberdeen Performance Swim Team. Our club code NUAX doesn't appear on the list. How can I get it added on?
asked Mar 3, 2017 about SPORTSYSTEMS Entry Manager Rev