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Latest questions about "music composers"

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I was unable to install GuitarCodexPlus on my Vista PC. An error message is issued, stating it "Could not load jvm.dll". I have Java 8 update 77 running, so what should I do?
asked Apr 18, 2016 by Marci about GuitarCodexPlus
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I accidentally deleted Ableton Live 8 Beta from my computer and can't get it restored. Will this version be compatible with all my Ableton Live 8 Beta files?
asked Apr 2, 2016 about Ableton Live
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Can the beat vary within a song and keep the measure count the same as on the score?
asked Mar 13, 2016 by Jackel about Acoustica Mixcraft
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How do I write music In the EZ-Play format? Large notes with the note letters within the notes?
asked Feb 2, 2016 by Anthony
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I am an early owner of the software. I presently have Piob Master 2.2 & 2.3 for IBM. I own a MAC and I have always owned a MAC begining with the first model of MAC.
asked Jan 31, 2016 by William L. Logan about PiobMaster
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I need a DJ program for my laptop. Could you suggest any?
asked Jan 26, 2016
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How do I make the program work? Every time I am asked to pay another 39 dollars. Purchased under email and/or 970-690-4653.
asked Dec 4, 2015 about Anvil Studio Print-Sheet
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Error msg is: 'Floating error in ecl analysis result may be erroneous'.
asked Nov 5, 2015 by aman about SERENADE
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It is telling that it cannot start because mfc110.dll is missing.
asked Oct 20, 2015 by Guest #39882941 (120 points) about TaalMala
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1 answer 249 views
The installer encountered an internal error: 428. Please contact iZotope technical support with the text of this message.
asked Oct 15, 2015 by Benny about iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner
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Will the PCDJ FX VRM program work on Windows 7?
asked Oct 5, 2015 about PCDJ FX VRM
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1 answer 189 views
Already purchased and run Drumscriobh on Windows 8.1. Please tell me if Drumscriobh can be downloaded and launched on Windows 10. Don't want to upgrade Windows and lose all my score files.
asked Sep 24, 2015 by Gordon Craig about DrumScriobh
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My Harping Midi does not work with Windows 10. First it says it can't open the MIDI device, but then it does open it but says "Can't start playing" while the graphics are all there.
asked Aug 20, 2015 by Ingo about Harping MIDI
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1 answer 90 views
How to set up broadcasting?
asked Aug 20, 2015 by Yana (850 points) about Virtual DJ
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1 answer 264 views
Can Mixcraft 6 be used on the new Windows 10 upgrade?
asked Aug 16, 2015 by Keith about Acoustica Mixcraft
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1 answer 157 views
What do I have to do to install it in Windows 10?
asked Aug 11, 2015 about Neuratron PhotoScore Ultimate
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1 answer 52 views
Can you download Acer Android KitKat 4.4 8inch tablet platform?
asked Aug 5, 2015 about KORG microSTATION Editor
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Why can't I open it? Logic Pro always has a run-time error and asks about a missing component.
asked Jul 29, 2015 by Guest #38860847 (120 points) about Logic Pro
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Can you change keys in the middle of a song using Ensemble Composer Pro? If yes, then how?
asked Jun 10, 2015
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How do I copy/paste a note example into a written Word document? How do I add verbal instructions, e.g. 'allegro', 'diminuendo' etc.? Does the program distinguish between ties and slurs?
asked May 10, 2015 by Ebbe Tørring about Crescendo Music Notation Editor