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Where can I download Microsoft Picture It! 2002 for Windows 7?
asked May 23, 2013 about Microsoft Picture It! Photo 2002
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1 answer 319 views
I have an old licence for Reflection X Version 11.0.5 that I have re-installed on my Windows 7. At start I get an error message 'Unable to open XRDB file'.
asked May 15, 2013 about Reflection X
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Where will I find Microsoft Solitaire, Freecell and Hearts games?
asked May 9, 2013
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1 answer 256 views
What function does this software perform? It resides on my computer and I don't think I've ever used it.
asked May 7, 2013
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I have Microsoft Office 2010 on my computer. When I receive an update notification from Software Informer of an update to Microsoft Office, does it apply to me?
asked Mar 7, 2013 by Marc Savoy (120 points) about Microsoft Office
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Will Microsoft Bookshelf run on Windows 7?
asked Feb 16, 2013 about Bookshelf
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I have installed Picture It! Publishing Platinum 2002 on my new computer with Windows 8 and it will not run. Is this free download available for Windows 8?
asked Feb 11, 2013 about Microsoft Picture It! Publishing Platinum 2002
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How to get the Windows software for a Samsung 10.4 tablet?
asked Nov 30, 2012
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How can I update Encarta? Please tell me the procedure.
asked Nov 4, 2012
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2 answers 156 views
I have the Flight Simulator X. The airplane veers right or left going down the runway. Is there something in the settings to correct this?
asked Oct 29, 2012 by Guest #29175287 (120 points) about Microsoft Flight Simulator X
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1 answer 108 views
I can't reorganize images within a file. I can drag them to another file. But am not able to move them within a file.
asked Oct 8, 2012 by David Scoates (120 points) about ACDSee Pro
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1 answer 275 views
What is "WordArt"? Where can it be found?
asked Jul 9, 2012 by Mehul Sangwan (130 points)
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1 answer 324 views
Why shared folder with excel files from other computers are very slow to open on my computer? Computers have the same operating system and Microsoft version (excel 2007).
asked Sep 29, 2011 about Microsoft Office Excel
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1 answer 156 views
This program was installed automatically by my OS (XP Profession) on the partition C: of my hard disk and, consequently, the secret folder was created of the same partition C:.
asked Jun 27, 2011 by Suciu Lucian (120 points) about Microsoft Private Folder
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1 answer 243 views
I want to enable macros in Excel 2007. How can I do that?
asked Jun 9, 2011 about Microsoft Office Excel
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1 answer 171 views
Why does the Silverlight plug-in crashes wile I'm watching a movie at Netflix?
asked May 12, 2011 about Microsoft Silverlight