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Latest questions about "mathematics"

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Can I upgrade my Classpad 300 version 01.24.0000 using Windows 7 64bit?
asked Jan 29, 2013 about ClassPad Manager
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Is the company still alive? I like SciWriter and I am interested to know if there are new versions of it (last one was 3.0.3)? Thanks, Valery Khersonsky.
asked Sep 29, 2012 by vkherson (140 points) about SciWriter
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Is there a trial period or an unregistered version of the software available? If so how long is the trial period?
asked Sep 26, 2012 about Wolfram Mathematica for Students
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What would be the cost to install the Accelerated Math program in a classroom of 25 students?
asked Jul 23, 2012 by Sue Barnwell (120 points) about Accelerated Math
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When I load the software, I get the following message: "The sound software is not installed properly or has been disabled." The laptop's sound drivers are all updated.
asked Sep 14, 2011 by Bennie (120 points) about I Love Math
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Can we see the binary prose of our own PCs?
asked Jun 16, 2011 by Md.Saifuzzaman (120 points) about Aquarius Soft PC Binary Converter
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When the version 3.0 of MathPlayer will be released? I need it for Internet Explorer 9.
asked May 10, 2011 by vkherson (140 points) about MathPlayer
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How can I answer in Section B from Math category?
asked Jan 14, 2011 by assilem (120 points) about PassCo BECE
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I am analyzing a 2Hp motor with FEMM. If I analyze it for 4Hz, the Rotor Flux Lines gets encircled along the Rotor Outer radius. They do not encircle the Rt slot.
asked Mar 29, 2010 by Sanjeev Shirhatti (120 points) about femm
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1 answer 78 views
How can you make Graphmatica translucent?
asked Nov 15, 2009 about Graphmatica
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1 answer 807 views
I need an activation key for Matlab 2008a. How can I get one legally?
asked Mar 24, 2009 about MATLAB R2008a
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Can I download it on a CD to use in another computer?
asked Jul 20, 2008 about Trachtenberg Speed Math