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Latest questions about "mathematics"

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I want to calculate the Hessian of the function : x^3-6y^+1 via Fortran code. How can I do it?
asked Dec 30, 2014 by Belinda
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I am trying to install the trial version of Origin Pro 8.5, but it demands the serial number. What can I do about this?
asked Dec 19, 2014 by Aleksandra Suvajac (120 points) about OriginPro
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I am a civil engineer, trying to get a master degree, and I need your help with Lingo. I built my model, but I want to know where do I have to save my files (i.
asked Oct 7, 2014 about LINGO
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I installed GeoGebra 4.4 on Windows 7 using an Administrator account, but CAS window gave the following message: "Sorry something went wrong".
asked Aug 28, 2014 about GeoGebra
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"For multiple applets on one page, by default only one is accessible from JavaScript.
asked Jul 30, 2014 about GeoGebra
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The graphs are not printing out correctly despite them looking OK in print preview. What can we do to get them to print properly?
asked Jun 28, 2014 about Autograph
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Can I install this software on my webpage?
asked Jun 17, 2014 about Microsoft Math Worksheet Generator
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I am searching for a 'mathematics engine' that accepts strings as input and returns (a list of) calculated values as output. At the moment I am not interested directly in plotting the values.
asked May 16, 2014 by Ben Engbers (120 points) about SpeQ Mathematics
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The graphs of f:x=2(x-1)(x-1)-18 and g:x=mx+k is given. Find the coordinates of a,b,c,d(the turning point) and E if CE is parallel to AB. How can I solve this?
asked May 4, 2014 about Classroom Mathematics Grade 11 Assessment Bank
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In spite of completing all the required fields in the registration form to download the Mathgrapher-2.0 I did not get the confirmation mail. Why?
asked Apr 7, 2014 by M.ANAND (270 points) about MathGrapher
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I have a problem in installing Pspice in Window 8 64-bit. When I install this software the following error message is showing : "ERROR Schematics 04:40PM Library not found: marker.
asked Mar 28, 2014 by irfan ullah (120 points) about PSpice
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I need the ScopeView 3.0 software for EMTP, but I can't find it on Internet. Can you help me?
asked Feb 25, 2014 by javadbidel (120 points) about ScopeView
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How long is the free trial for Free Universal Algebra Equation Solver?
asked Feb 15, 2014 about Free Universal Algebra Equation Solver
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I'm interested in finding a program that can work with automatic vector centerlines. Do you have any suggestions? Is there an application that can work on a Mac computer?
asked Jan 26, 2014
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How can I install wxMaxima on Windows 8?
asked Dec 6, 2013 about wxMaxima
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Is the Statistica version 7 compatible with Windows 8?
asked Nov 9, 2013 about STATISTICA
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I am working on a data mining technique such as ANN. Now, we created the best model and want to expand or universalize the mentioned results for all of the study area.
asked Oct 20, 2013 about STATISTICA
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How to plot tangent to a curve?
asked Oct 13, 2013
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I have the following equation : 〖l(p)〗^ =∑_(x=0)^c▒(e^(-np) 〖(np)〗^x)/x! find dl(p)/dp and also d2l(p)/dp2. Can I solve it using the above program?
asked Oct 12, 2013 about MathProf
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Is there a STATISTICA version for Mac OS?
asked Sep 9, 2013 about STATISTICA