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Latest questions about "math and scientific tools"

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Is EasyFit available for Mac OS X?
asked Aug 11, 2014 about EasyFit
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I've installed Infrared Reader on my computer but the program is unable to see .spa files that I have on my computer. In fact the program only sees the folders not the files.
asked Jul 22, 2014 about Infrared Reader
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We have purchased PVSOL Expert a couple of years ago, but the Director who used to use it left us last year and we now need it to design some system performance calls for our commercial clients.
asked Jul 15, 2014 about PVSOL Expert
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What is the proper citation for SYSTAT 9?
asked Jul 1, 2014 about SYSTAT
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I am looking for a residential electrical diagram but is it limited to what it can do for residential construction diagrams. Does it do anything for circuit boards and electrical components?
asked Jul 1, 2014 about SEE Electrical LT
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W6ELProp is not working with Windows 7 64bit. What can I do?
asked Jun 24, 2014 about W6ELProp
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It is possible to integrate Visual Basic programming?
asked Jun 22, 2014 about TeXmacs
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I am currently an engineering student working for a building simulation using eQUEST.
asked Jun 20, 2014 about eQUEST
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I can't plot line graphs because my system freezes and displays "Not Responding" for hours. I'm using Comsol 4.3 and an HP Core i3 laptop.
asked Jun 10, 2014
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I'm currently trying to plot a grid line on my LMS graph by using LMSChartmaker Light version 2.54, but I cannot find any icon or way to plot it.
asked Jun 10, 2014 about lmsChartMaker
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I need to read the XLTEK EPWorks files using MATLAB. Is there any way to read the data using MATLAB? If there isn't, how can I export the data in a file type that MATLAB can read?
asked Jun 4, 2014 about XLTEK EPWorks
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Installation program can't find setup.lid file. My system is Windows XP 64bit.
asked May 30, 2014 about CircuitMaker
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I want to learn Caneco BT for LV installations. Could you please tell me if there is any training institute in India, New Delhi? How long and what's the cost to learn it?
asked May 29, 2014 about Caneco-BT
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Is UVProbe compatible with other instruments other than Shimadzu instruments?
asked May 23, 2014 about UVProbe
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The calc sheet made by SF Pressure Drop 7.0 shows wrongly values. For instance, flow 60m3/h, water, 20°C, and Pipe size 150.
asked May 13, 2014 about SF Pressure Drop
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I have a job interview coming up and they have Tracer Summit controls on their chillers and plant a/c system I'm guessing . Does this control do all units or each unit?
asked Apr 21, 2014
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How can I buy this software via University Grant? Do I need to meet a vendor (Malaysia vendor) to buy this software? Can you recommend me the supplier from Malaysia to buy the software?
asked Apr 9, 2014
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In spite of completing all the required fields in the registration form to download the Mathgrapher-2.0 I did not get the confirmation mail. Why?
asked Apr 7, 2014 by M.ANAND (270 points) about MathGrapher
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Is there a screen background with lines or small squares (for geometry lessons)? I use the UB-T880 board and Elite Panabook software while working with some primary school teachers.
asked Apr 1, 2014