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Is Remote Install Mac OS X actually an Apple-made application?
asked Mar 9, 2017 by Guest #44407072 (140 points)
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I recently got my computer back from Staples and my Azure screensaver for Yosemite, which I had purchased and downloaded, had disappeared. How can I get it back?
asked Mar 7, 2017 by Sharon
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Will this work on a Mac and windows XP? I have a version from 2005 that I love, but I wish to use it on Mac as well as Windows XP.
asked Feb 28, 2017 by jean mahrous about ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch Deluxe
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Can Masque Solitaire Antics Ultimate Plus be run on a Mac?
asked Feb 28, 2017 about Masque Solitaire Antics Ultimate Plus
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Will this tool work on an Apple Mac?
asked Feb 15, 2017 by Arthur Fant about VersaCheck 2005 Platinum
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Is there a GTN 750 Trainer for my MacBook Pro?
asked Feb 13, 2017 by Ernesto about Garmin GTN Trainer
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Is there a Mac version for 1&1 SoftPhone?
asked Feb 3, 2017 about 1&1 SoftPhone
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I bought a Need4 Video Converter "lifetime" license some years ago and I still have my activation code. How should I proceed to use Need4video on my Mac?
asked Jan 31, 2017 by Jeff about Need4 Video Converter
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Can you send me an official quote to purchase XYZware for Macs?
asked Dec 30, 2016 by Ramona Foster about XYZware
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I was just wondering if it's possible to get Winect for Mac? Thanks!
asked Dec 22, 2016 about WinEct
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1 answer 63 views
I am trying to download iBooks Author for an older Mac, but I am a little worried out using this website. I am using my school computer and need to return it without any viruses on my computer.
asked Dec 7, 2016 by Jman
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It's not working. Every time, I try to download, it always comes up as Microsoft file.
asked Nov 16, 2016 by Cat about WavePad Sound Editor
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Do you have any software for CTLED for Mac?
asked Oct 26, 2016 by Carlos Clemente about CTLED
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I was cleaning my Mac and using Final Cut Pro with some work on it. It was working perfectly, and then I've restarted my computer and Final Cut Pro vanished.
asked Sep 23, 2016
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Is Orstat available for Mac? If it's not, is there any alternative?
asked Sep 12, 2016 by RR about ORStat
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I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 5.01. But I can't do the "hard change Mac" in 99% it says can't change Mac and sometimes it succeeds and I can connect to a network with spoofed Mac.
asked Sep 2, 2016 by Davud
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Is Bioedit available for Macbook Pro?
asked Aug 24, 2016 by Pratap Singh about BioEdit
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Will Overture 4 be supported by OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan)?
asked Aug 20, 2016 by Michael
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Will your Power CD+G Burner work with a Mac?
asked Jul 16, 2016 about Power CD+G Burner
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Does this work on a Mac?
asked Jul 13, 2016 by Kelsi Miller about Zoo Tycoon 2 - Ultimate Collection