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Latest questions about "mac compatibility"

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We have an EasyLog USB Temperature Data Logger. We've changed from PC to Mac. So, is there a version available for Mac?
asked Feb 1, 2015 about EasyLog USB
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1 answer 51 views
Will this program work on Outlook 2011 for Mac?
asked Jan 27, 2015 by EricO about eMailMerge PRO 4Outlook
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1 answer 254 views
Can I use IROAD GT Viewer on my MacBook Pro? I have downloaded the .exe file and my Macbook doesn't open it. Can you suggest an alternative?
asked Jan 15, 2015 about IROAD GT Viewer
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1 answer 141 views
Is FiberCheckPRO compatible with Mac OS?
asked Dec 19, 2014 about FiberChekPRO
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1 answer 62 views
Is there a version of Note Worthy Composer for MAC?
asked Dec 10, 2014 by jacques Boyadjian about NoteWorthy Composer 2
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1 answer 134 views
When will the complete Phlinx game be available for Mac? The online game only has four levels.
asked Dec 10, 2014 about Phlinx To Go
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1 answer 292 views
How to download IECM in Mac? Can you provide step by step guidance? Also is the download available for free?
asked Dec 7, 2014 about iECM
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1 answer 114 views
Can I use Visual Basic on a MacBook?
asked Dec 5, 2014 about Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express
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2 answers 100 views
Does Writer's Workbench work on a Mac?
asked Nov 29, 2014 about Writer's Workbench
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1 answer 130 views
Moving to an Apple computer. Is the program available for an Apple OS?
asked Nov 19, 2014 about ScopeKnob
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2 answers 89 views
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1 answer 151 views
I have a GrabBeeX Deluxe that I purchased quite some time ago. I now have a MacBook Pro. Will it work with it and what software do I need?
asked Nov 19, 2014 about GrabBeeX Video Driver
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1 answer 100 views
Can I upgrade my system from last year and put it in my iMac?
asked Nov 17, 2014 by Gerald Nichols about GroundsKeeper Pro
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1 answer 490 views
Is there a Mac version of Nationwide Life Illustrator?
asked Nov 13, 2014 by julio about Nationwide Life Illustrator
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1 answer 183 views
I downloaded the software. My Apple computer keeps asking what application to use to open the songbook editor.
asked Nov 7, 2014 about KORG Pa-Series SongBook Editor
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1 answer 210 views
How do I open E-Transcript reader on Mac?
asked Nov 7, 2014 by k about E-Transcript Bundle Viewer
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1 answer 141 views
I just bough a Cassette2CD Wizard and it will not work on my Mac. What do I do now? I really need this music for my vocal students.
asked Oct 22, 2014 about Cassette2CD Wizard
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1 answer 219 views
Is there a free download trial for MAC version of SigmaStat?
asked Oct 12, 2014 about SigmaStat
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1 answer 295 views
Can PowerAgent run on a MAC? The program seems to be Windows based.
asked Oct 11, 2014 about PowerAgent
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1 answer 253 views
Is SCT LiveLink Gen-II available for Mac?
asked Oct 7, 2014 about LiveLink Gen-II