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Latest questions about "licence"

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Hello, I had to reinstall Firstbeat Athlete but I need activation key. Please advice where can I restore my installation key? Thanks.
asked Feb 13, 2019 by Philippe about Firstbeat ATHLETE
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I downloaded Word List Expert trial version, then when I wanted to buy a licence, a pop window informed me that this product is no more on sale, and redirected me to another website that sells...
asked Mar 20, 2017 by DIKI-KIDIRI Marcel about Word List Expert
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How can I get a license for Smile-in?
asked May 10, 2016 by Ralf about smile-in
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Can I programmatically OCR captcha in C# or C++ unmanaged? Can I have a trial version? I have a server and a desktop. What kind of licenses do I have to acquire?
asked Aug 18, 2014
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How do I renew my licence for DOMINOS?
asked Aug 6, 2014 about Asus® app store
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I'm interested to get a license for MPACT software, such as a training course. Can you offer some information?
asked Jun 7, 2014 about MPACT (Client Server)
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Can more than 1 person in a company use WinSMS? Are the contact numbers only on one computer?
asked Mar 31, 2014
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Is V93000 Technical Documentation freeware or it needs a license?
asked Jan 13, 2014
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Is WebPD free to download and what is the license?
asked Dec 2, 2013 about UGS Teamcenter Enterprise 2007 WebPD
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Do I need a license for CRM Supervisor?
asked Nov 22, 2013
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1 answer 129 views
I talked to a B.Dominguez on 8-2-13 & 8-15-13.
asked Oct 23, 2013
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Is Titanium Backup free? What should I do with the app on the phone?
asked Jun 5, 2013 about Titanium Backup ★ root needed
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Is Greyhound Master software still available? I subscribed back in 2010 and renewed in 2011 but was unable to do so in 2012. Now I find this page.
asked May 11, 2013
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The .lic file is not found in my PC. What should I do?
asked Mar 10, 2013 about SolidWorks
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Hello, I do not understand the license terms for MrSID GeoViewer v. 2.1. May I use the Viewer for free in the context of a public authority? If not, what to do for a proper licensing?
asked Feb 20, 2013 about MrSID GeoViewer
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1 answer 853 views
How can I find my license key so I can use the Activeris Malware that I just purchased?
asked Jan 24, 2013 by Barbara VanMeter (120 points)
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I bought the 1966 Ford Wiring diagram PDF a while ago. I had to replace the computer and cannot find my license to open the document. How can I get my license?
asked Jan 13, 2013
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If a computer is formatted due to system failure and that computer has Kaspersky Antivirus installed with a valid licence for 300 days can we still use the same licence for the rest of licence period?
asked Dec 15, 2012
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Kindly give me all the possible information related to my problem. Actually, I accepted the term and conditions for free installation without reading them carefully.
asked Nov 25, 2012 by zarina (140 points)