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I need a DJ program for my laptop. Could you suggest any?
asked Jan 26, 2016
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How to set a voice password for my Windows 7 Ultimate laptop to access and shutdown? Recommend me the best software for this.
asked Jan 5, 2016 by ramesh
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I have a Lenovo laptop with Windows 7 and I forgot my password. How do you log on with a different account?
asked Dec 30, 2015 by
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Can Omguard be installed on a laptop with Windows 10?
asked Oct 10, 2015 by **
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My Toshiba laptop is asking for an HDD/SSD password. I had no idea I had made one, let alone know what it could be? Help please!?
asked Sep 3, 2015
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I can't access my SDHC while using the laptop. I want to restore all my data in SDHC.
asked Aug 21, 2015 by neneputty (160 points)
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My old computer is running "WinOptimizer 11". Can I reinstall it on my new laptop?
asked Aug 8, 2015
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I cannot use my VAIO Movie Story. When I add my photos and pick template then start, I get an error window pop up. I am using a VGN NS110E laptop.
asked May 19, 2015 by gregg (120 points) about VAIO Movie Story
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The extended warranty for my Lenovo laptop expired in 2014. Can I buy another extended warranty?
asked Feb 3, 2015 by Roxana
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Once I set up the Bing HRS Toolbar for my new assignment, an error appears saying: "PhishingFilter V8 registry doesn't exist. Make sure your run app from Start menu".
asked Jan 21, 2015 about Bing HRS Toolbar
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My laptop is setup with two monitors. When I open Image Express Utility, the projector displays my first screen. How can I switch the projector to display my second screen?
asked Nov 19, 2014 about Image Express Utility Lite
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I want to play Subway Surfers on my laptop. After installing the game on my laptop, I started the game, but this option (Tap to run) does not appear in the game.
asked Nov 13, 2014 by Muhammad Arif about Subway Surfers
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I sent some files for my hard from another laptop through USB 3.0. After that , the system can't open the hard and it says it's empty.
asked Oct 11, 2014
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My screen is broken and I'm recovering files on my laptop. But I can't find my videos in video locker. Can anyone help me?
asked Sep 28, 2014
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Installed EasyWeatherPlus V1 on my laptop and I want to back up the data file - but I can't find it. What's the file name and default location?
asked Sep 17, 2014 about EasyWeatherPlus
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I installed LINE on my laptop but in this app there is no settings option. Can you tell me where do I need to go to use signup?
asked Aug 31, 2014 about LINE
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I was able to get my laptop download 8.1 pro build 9600. Long story how I got it, you can read my blog.
asked Aug 25, 2014 by Mitch Watkins (180 points)
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Have anyone had no power issue on their laptop with Stidia VPN Shield installed? I bought it because this has better rating for my Amazon Kindle.
asked Aug 22, 2014
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I am using WiFi from a landline connecting. The saddest part is my landline unit doesn't work, due to which I cant make calls (my WiFi plan has 50 free calls).
asked Jun 23, 2014 by Pranav 5 (120 points)
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How do you remove Soft-Now Bundle from your laptop?
asked May 28, 2014 about Soft-Now bundle