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Latest questions about "languages"

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How can I remove WhiteSmoke from my PC? It gives some error messages.
asked Dec 12, 2010 about WhiteSmoke
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1 answer 585 views
I have a Wilcom Trusizer embroidery and I accidentally changed the text to another language and I don't understand what it is saying. How can I change it back to English?
asked Nov 25, 2010 by Susan 2 (120 points) about Wilcom TrueSizer
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1 answer 159 views
I installed the program on my PC, but it doesn't start. What can I do?
asked Oct 27, 2010 about Lipikaar
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1 answer 314 views
I can't open the file on which I have worked in the morning. It is showing: "Invalid procedure call or argument. Run-time Error 91. Error in text filter - illegal Token (1 - 1d02)".
asked Oct 27, 2010 about BanglaWord
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My Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Entourage are all in Italian. How can I change the language to English without cancelling the whole thing and installing an English version?
asked Oct 25, 2010
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How to change WinRAR language to English?
asked Oct 24, 2010 about WinRAR
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1 answer 74 views
I've installed Transliterator Marathi and English and I can't find it on my PC. Can you help?
asked Sep 30, 2010
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1 answer 121 views
I borrowed the KT-X robot and its CD from a friend. When I installed the program, the interface was in Japanese. How can I change the language to English?
asked Sep 2, 2010 by mgloo3 (120 points) about RobovieMaker2
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1 answer 178 views
My Easy Translator 4.2 is not working anymore. I tried to translate Bahasa Indonesia to Malay language but is not working. I tried using different languages without success.
asked Jul 20, 2010
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1 answer 644 views
How to use different Sinhala fonts with Vista QuickFix for Sinhala?
asked Mar 24, 2010 about Vista QuickFix for Sinhala
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1 answer 210 views
Can I use English while writing in this software?
asked Mar 22, 2010 by Avsihek Dutta (120 points) about BanglaWord
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2 answers 510 views
How can I change the language of Daemon Tools?
asked Feb 11, 2010 about DAEMON Tools Toolbar
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2 answers 1.9k views
How to type Malayalam in Microsoft Excel?
asked Jan 1, 2010 about Microsoft Office Excel
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3 answers 114 views
Can I use the program in English?
asked Dec 26, 2009 about Free Download Manager
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1 answer 242 views
How can we write Arabic in Ulead - MediaStudio 7?
asked Dec 20, 2009 about Ulead MediaStudio Pro
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1 answer 131 views
I purchased this software but I can't open it. I entered the registration number, but it tells me to contact Itbix. Can you help?
asked Dec 16, 2009 about Prashna Kundali Explorer Online
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1 answer 123 views
After I payed for it, PPLive installed itself on my computer in Chinese. How can I change the language to English?
asked Dec 16, 2009 about PPLive
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1 answer 116 views
I have a digital audio player from ONDA and I want to change the language to English because I can speak and read only English. Can you help me?
asked Dec 11, 2009 by miriam 1 (120 points) about Questions & Answers
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1 answer 152 views
The program is working in a non-English language which I don't understand. How can I change it to English?
asked Dec 1, 2009 about EZVirtual Cam Demo