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Latest questions about "itunes"

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How can I transfer more than 50 songs in my Motorola RAZR V3i phone from iTunes?
asked Mar 19, 2009 by sanil shakya (120 points) about iTunes
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1 answer 112 views
How do I import songs from iTunes to InterVideo WinDVD Creator to burn them to my DVD? Do I need to take the music directly from the source CD or is the iTunes option viable?
asked Mar 14, 2009 by Mike Sidhu (120 points) about InterVideo WinDVD Creator
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I can't download iTunes because the security system doesn't allow me. I disabled Windows Firewall without success. Can you help?
asked Mar 13, 2009 about Internet Explorer
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I want to transfer some more music on my iPod, but my computer doesn't recognize it. Can you help?
asked Feb 28, 2009 about iTunes
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What Safari does exactly? Why do I need it on my system? I don't believe I have ever used it with iTunes or my iPod Classic.
asked Jan 27, 2009 about Safari
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My 2G Apple iPhone is not recognized by iTunes 8. What can I do?
asked Jan 24, 2009 about iTunes
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1 answer 91 views
I have an iPhone and my daughter got one for Christmas. After she programmed her, the computer doesn't recognize any of our devices. They doesn't appear to be plugged and there is no syncing process.
asked Jan 8, 2009 about iTunes
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2 answers 142 views
I can't open iTunes for 4 days due to the "2096" error. I have a new iPod and I can't use it. Can you help?
asked Dec 29, 2008 about iTunes
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1 answer 84 views
I have iTunes installed on my C drive which is almost full. I decided to purchase a new drive and to move everything to it.
asked Dec 22, 2008 about iTunes
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2 answers 207 views
I have REAPER 2.4. How can I send and play projects in Windows Media Player or iTunes?
asked Oct 4, 2008 by tigga (140 points) about REAPER
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I've done a default backup. I open iPhoto (or iTunes) from Verbatim but it loads the photos from the Comp HD. I want it to open them from Verbatim.
asked Aug 9, 2008 by roger 6 (120 points) about BounceBack