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Latest questions about "graphic apps"

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When I open the program, a runtime error box opens and automatically closes the program. What can I do?
asked Jul 23, 2008 by SLOER (130 points) about Samsung Master
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When I open HP Photsmart Premier 6.5, my folders with all my pictures are listed properly. But when I click the folder, it says: "No photo available".
asked Jul 13, 2008 by Vicki 1 (130 points) about HP Photosmart Premier
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Where I can download similar program for bedroom or bathroom?
asked Jul 11, 2008 by Dezmond (120 points) about IKEA HomePlanner Kitchen
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Which player is used for a sequence of images?
asked Jul 10, 2008 by shahid adeel (120 points) about 3ds Max
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How can I upload information from 12d to a CF card (For Leica GPS or TPS 1200)?
asked Jul 7, 2008 by Hamlet (120 points) about 12d Model
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I purchased a Nikon D80 in Slovakia and I received the Capture NX CD with it. However, I can't find the product key to unlock it. Can you help?
asked Jul 6, 2008 by Beata (120 points) about Capture NX
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Is my AutoCAD version up-to-date?
asked Jul 4, 2008 by mashood (120 points)
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I'm using a HP Scanjet 5590 and the version of Photosmart Essential is 90.xx. The website lists another version as 110.xx. Should I change to 110 or leave it at 90.
asked Jun 30, 2008 about HP Photosmart Essential
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How can I trigger an IGBT SCR thyristor? If I use a Pulse generator it displays the following error: "DC supply is not ground".
asked Jun 30, 2008 by nikunj 1 (120 points) about Proteus PCB design
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In Photoshop a layer can be locked against movement but it allows painting to be done. Is there a work-around in Painter to accomplish this?
asked Jun 29, 2008 by Richard B Rosseau (120 points) about Corel Painter
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2 answers 248 views
I got Adobe Photoshop today, but I need a serial key in order to install it. Can you help?
asked Jun 29, 2008 about Adobe Photoshop
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1 answer 186 views
I'm getting a script error when I'm trying to install IE Zoomer. Currently I'm not in front of my PC, but I can retry if this seems obscure.
asked Jun 23, 2008 by bjorn 1 (120 points) about IE Zoomer
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How do I easily find and remove duplicate files using this program?
asked Jun 17, 2008 by Derrick 1 (120 points) about Adobe® Photoshop® Album Starter Edition
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I have a photo in my ZoomBrowser that I need to send by email. It has to be 500Kb. Currently it has 84Kb and I can only increase it to 300Kb.
asked Jun 13, 2008 by Nicola Mitchell (130 points) about ZoomBrowser EX
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I have some CDs with internal ring diameter of 36mm. What can I do, if the selection menu doesn't have the 36mm option?
asked Jun 9, 2008 by Giovannino (120 points) about Express Labeler
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1 answer 154 views
I need GIS DataPRO software. Can you help?
asked Jun 2, 2008 by hernando vasquez (120 points) about GIS DataPRO
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1 answer 201 views
I want to delete some of my entries from Nokia Lifeblog but it said: "Could not delete one or more items as they may be opened in another application".
asked May 23, 2008 by Yati Faizam (120 points) about Nokia Lifeblog
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1 answer 105 views
I am doing walkthrough project. I don't have a good system, but I have to do a project in same system. Can anyone help me?
asked May 20, 2008 about 3ds Max
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Where can I find a lighting tutorial for 3ds Max 2009?
asked May 20, 2008 about 3ds Max
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2 answers 266 views
Which is the latest free version of Paint.NET?
asked May 13, 2008 about Paint.NET