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Latest questions about "graphic apps"

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We have been using HP Photosmart Premier 6.5, but it now refuses to communicate to our HP Deskjet 5440.
asked Sep 22, 2008 by Wayne 9 (120 points) about HP Photosmart Premier
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1 answer 266 views
How do I download this application?
asked Sep 20, 2008 by johan botha (120 points) about ALNO AG Kitchen Planner
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2 answers 338 views
W've deactivated Adobe Photoshop CS3 on our laptop but we cannot load it on our second computer. The message says that it cannot be installed because "CS3 conflicts with Adobe CS3".
asked Sep 18, 2008 by Doug Cripe (120 points) about Adobe Photoshop
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1 answer 114 views
I wonder if this program will open files in ALB file format?
asked Sep 16, 2008 by Jacqi (120 points) about Photo Album
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My CanoScan 8800f works fine on an Administrator account, but I receive an "Unknown error. Code = 259" message when I'm logged as an ordinary User.
asked Sep 14, 2008 by John Tapia (140 points) about MP Navigator EX
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1 answer 144 views
Where can I find the key to activate the Image Mixer VCD/DVD2 software?
asked Sep 10, 2008 about OLYMPUS xD-Picture Card Pack
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From where can I download Samsung Master on my PC?
asked Sep 8, 2008 by May 1 (120 points) about Samsung Master
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1 answer 155 views
FotoStation worked OK on my computer until about two months ago. Now, I receive a message that says "Nikon View is not properly installed. FotoStation Easy cannot run".
asked Sep 4, 2008 by selvakumar (120 points) about FotoStation
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1 answer 129 views
How different is it from the old version?
asked Aug 26, 2008 about CyberLink LabelPrint
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1 answer 105 views
Is there somewhere a list of features for MAXtremeD3D? During the installation process I was asked whether I want to set MAXtrme as my renderer.
asked Aug 16, 2008 about MAXtremeD3D
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2 answers 145 views
How many options are in 3ds Max?
asked Aug 12, 2008 about 3ds Max
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1 answer 243 views
If my company registers and activates AutoCAD 2009 using a Network Licence, do we have to buy license for every workstation on the Network before we can run the AutoCAD 2009 software on the...
asked Aug 12, 2008 by Ado Khadeer (120 points)
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1 answer 119 views
The color in my photos desaturates when I use Noiseware Community Edition. Do I need to change a setting? I have the color settings as low as they will go.
asked Aug 2, 2008 by Judy 3 (120 points) about Noiseware Community Edition
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1 answer 76 views
Dose any one know a better application?
asked Aug 1, 2008 about Wisdom-soft AutoScreenRecorder Pro
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1 answer 185 views
This program pops up every 30 seconds or so. How can I eliminate this software?
asked Aug 1, 2008 by vtaxter (140 points) about ArcSoft PhotoImpression
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4 answers 476 views
I'm receiving an "ArcSoft Connect Notifier is not working" message and an arccon.dll error. What can I do?
asked Jul 28, 2008 about ArcSoft PhotoImpression
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1 answer 115 views
What are the system requirements for the Adobe Version Cue software? Can this one have multiple login/connections?
asked Jul 24, 2008 by Alana Harris (120 points) about Adobe Version Cue
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1 answer 142 views
When I open the program, a runtime error box opens and automatically closes the program. What can I do?
asked Jul 23, 2008 by SLOER (130 points) about Samsung Master
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2 answers 275 views
When I open HP Photsmart Premier 6.5, my folders with all my pictures are listed properly. But when I click the folder, it says: "No photo available".
asked Jul 13, 2008 by Vicki 1 (130 points) about HP Photosmart Premier
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1 answer 124 views
Where I can download similar program for bedroom or bathroom?
asked Jul 11, 2008 by Dezmond (120 points) about IKEA HomePlanner Kitchen