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Latest questions about "graphic apps"

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Is it possible to study an interaction of several different permanent magnets simultaneously with each other in 3D space using this tool?
asked Dec 5, 2012 by Jim Yates (120 points)
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What are the steps to download pictures from a CD to my computer using Picture Project?
asked Nov 30, 2012 by Sandy Donis (120 points) about PictureProject
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How to cut a steel member (beam or column) at the required angle? Please tell me the procedure of notching beam to beam or beam to column with no gap between members.
asked Nov 27, 2012 by sridhara (120 points) about AVEVA VANTAGE PDMS
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I would like to know whether it is possible to get a CD when this program is purchased because the last time I purchased an older version, the key was e-mailed to me?
asked Nov 27, 2012 by natisha (120 points) about Boxoft Photo Magic Maker
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I have some questions related to this product. If I purchase a license, can I have multiple users at the same time? What kind of support could we enjoy for the license software?
asked Nov 27, 2012 by wong siew-kong (120 points) about Plan-IQ
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Does anyone have a diagram (or detailed instructions) on "actually" using the X/Y values and axes for printer calibration?
asked Nov 23, 2012 by Alphonso Montgomery (120 points) about Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio
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Is it possible to create tickets that can be printed on both sides of a page?
asked Nov 20, 2012 by Joy 4 (120 points) about TicketBench Plus
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On 2011-09-26 I bought this software. Meanwhile my disk failed and I lost all data, and it was replaced by a new one. I went to the download link on the receipt e-mail but it doesn't work anymore.
asked Nov 19, 2012 by Ana Alves (120 points) about GIMP Add-on - Background Blur
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I want to make mountains in Google SketchUp. Can you help me?
asked Nov 17, 2012 by Akhtar (120 points) about Google SketchUp Pro
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1 answer 587 views
Can anyone suggest an alternative to Autosketch that will run on a Mac?
asked Nov 13, 2012 by Mike Jones 1 (120 points) about AutoSketch
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Is it the WPhoto Studio software that is to blame for deleting an entire inch from the height of every one of my images?
asked Nov 13, 2012 by Pat Serio (120 points) about W Photo Studio
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I recently e-mailed some photos to a friend.
asked Nov 13, 2012 about Corel Snapfire
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1 answer 140 views
I need to print 1 to 1 transparency on 11" x 17" size. I am unable to get 1 to 1. Printing at 100 % is not 1 to 1. What can I do?
asked Nov 8, 2012 by Elmo8 (120 points) about Creo View Express
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1 answer 222 views
This program used to work just fine, but now it doesn't run. How can I solve this?
asked Nov 6, 2012 about Ulead Photo Express SE
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Why does my picture look fuzzy when I print it? Does it need to be of a certain size?
asked Oct 29, 2012 by Kathy Fitzpatrick (130 points) about PhotoScape
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I'm a beginner with ImageJ, so sorry if this is a basic question. I have many images of cells of which I would like to calculate the average total fluorescence.
asked Oct 21, 2012 by Renee 1 (120 points) about ImageJ
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I need to convert an EPS file to CorelDraw. Any help?
asked Oct 20, 2012 about CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
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1 answer 168 views
How to cut the background from an image and leave the desired object?
asked Oct 18, 2012 by alexander 9 (120 points) about Card Desiree CS
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Can I make a runtime or EXE file from Advantech Studio Developer software?
asked Oct 17, 2012 by Afshan (120 points) about Advantech Studio
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I want to build my own Photobook, I selected the square format and the program tells me the size is 20,3 cm x 20,3 cm; then I imported an image of the same size made on Photoshop (to use as a...
asked Oct 17, 2012 by Virgínia 2 (120 points) about My Photo Creations (Photobookmart Edition)