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Latest questions about "games and entertainment"

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How do you get past Hiimuville?
asked Jul 9, 2008 by jesse 1 (120 points) about Pokemon Light
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1 answer 254 views
I can't play the game because I need to deactivate the virtual drive and emulation software. What can I do?
asked Jul 8, 2008 about Company of Heroes - Opposing Fronts
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1 answer 91 views
I can't get past the third wall in level one on Neo Sonic Universe. It is saying "Try kicking that wall". How can I kick the wall?
asked Jul 7, 2008 by klarebair (120 points) about Neo Sonic Universe
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4 answers 197 views
I accidentally press "Do Not Grant Internet Access" and now it won't let me go into Multiplayer network. I've been looking for an answer. How do I get Multiplayer Access?
asked Jul 7, 2008 by nikki 1 (130 points) about WolfQuest
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When I select the .exe file of the Cheat Engine program, it shows a big red cross with a "There's no hard disk" message. I can only retry or cancel.
asked Jul 7, 2008 about Cheat Engine
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1 answer 427 views
I'm playing Flip Words and I don't know the answer at the following problem: Category: TITLES _O_AT_A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ STO_ SEA_ _ _ _
asked Jul 2, 2008 by kac (120 points) about Flip Words
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1 answer 83 views
Why am I blocked on I want to play Rakion, but I can't connect.
asked Jun 28, 2008 about Symantec Technical Support Web Controls
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My computer will play the free trial version. I tried downloading the full version off went thru the process but would not play.
asked Jun 24, 2008 by linda 7 (140 points) about The Rise of Atlantis
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1 answer 169 views
I have the right combination in this level, and the wall goes down, but I can't get across the water. What's wrong? I did skip one of the shards.
asked Jun 8, 2008 by Liane (130 points) about Wonderland Adventures
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1 answer 131 views
How to enable AGP Texture driver to play the game?
asked May 27, 2008 about Rise of Nations Rise of Legends
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1 answer 162 views
Is there a fee for the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator upgrade?
asked May 20, 2008 by Guest #31511596 (120 points) about Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator
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2 answers 382 views
Software Informer says I am using version of Steam and the latest version would be Steam itself says I am as up to date. Can anyone make sense of this?
asked May 14, 2008 about Steam
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I installed the software with Installshield Wizard - not Winshield which probably doesn't even exist. How to overcome the functionality problem?
asked May 4, 2008 by Jan 9 (160 points) about Eureka's 1000 Games
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3 answers 778 views
I cannot install Cheat Engine because I only have a limited account. How can I install and run the program?
asked Apr 28, 2008 by Majar (120 points) about Cheat Engine