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Latest questions about "games and entertainment"

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There is a 3D Hardware problem. I'm wondering if I can play the game. Can you help?
asked Nov 30, 2009 about BattleForge™
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1 answer 144 views
You can train much marine sea mammals so you could make a show platform, but no sharks, fish, etc. Why isn't this available?
asked Nov 29, 2009 about Zoo Tycoon 2 - Marine Mania
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1 answer 749 views
IT SHOWS,DETAILS GIVEN BELOW Application has crashed: C++ exception Failed setting up render device. Callstack: Wanted (???) ??? ??? (???) ??
asked Nov 29, 2009 by shree (120 points) about Wanted: Weapons of Fate
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2 answers 295 views
When I click my Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it says the following error: "Steam.exe (main exception): CMultiFielBlob(pSerialized): Partial field header at end of record".
asked Nov 29, 2009 about Steam
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1 answer 143 views
I'm looking for the Kung Fu Panda full version. How can I find it?
asked Nov 29, 2009 about Kung Fu Panda
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1 answer 116 views
i can't play with singleplayer solo......why?
asked Nov 28, 2009 about Call Of Duty: World At War
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1 answer 112 views
I can't find and install patches for Call Of Duty - World At War. Can you help?
asked Nov 28, 2009 about Call Of Duty: World At War
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1 answer 124 views
I'm not able to play NoLimits Fairground 1.5 demo. I'm missing d3dx39_32.dll file and it tells me to reinstall the game. I did that, but it still doesn't run.
asked Nov 27, 2009 about NoLimits Fairground
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1 answer 436 views
I need the key code in order to run Space Empires V. Can you help me?
asked Nov 27, 2009 about Space Empires V
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1 answer 158 views
How can I acquire the latest version for Street Legal Racing Redline?
asked Nov 24, 2009 about Street Legal Racing Redline
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2 answers 341 views
How can I use my own songs in FIFA 08?
asked Nov 24, 2009 by raduzzu (120 points) about FIFA 08
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1 answer 1.3k views
My O2Jam is not able to connect to e-games website. Can you help?
asked Nov 24, 2009 about O2Jam
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1 answer 162 views
what i have to do when i catch all pokemon???
asked Nov 23, 2009 about Pokemon PC
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1 answer 153 views
How can I make the add-on work properly?
asked Nov 22, 2009 about Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE
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1 answer 135 views
can anyone help me with get my warcraft 3 to work? everytime i try to start it its crash down many times
asked Nov 22, 2009 about Warcraft III
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2 answers 3.1k views
How can I change my username or password?
asked Nov 22, 2009 about Perfect World
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1 answer 603 views
I downloaded Age of Empires but when I want to play, it says ''Insert Aoe3 disk''. Can you help, please?
asked Nov 21, 2009 about Age of Empires III - The Asian Dynasties
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1 answer 154 views
How can I download The Sims 2 Body Shop?
asked Nov 13, 2009 about The Sims 2
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1 answer 78 views
How to register to Resistance-RO?
asked Nov 13, 2009 by dee 1 (120 points) about Resistance-RO
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1 answer 80 views
Where do I download the update from? I want to update my game.
asked Nov 12, 2009 by Barbara 4 (120 points) about BigJig