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Latest questions about "games and entertainment"

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I purchased Solitaire Plus! for our MAC several years ago. I have purchased a laptop and tablet to carry camping.
asked Sep 24, 2016 by Denise about Solitaire Plus!
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I am interested in contacting the developer of BackgammonMasters which I think is Luckyskill. Yet the website is unavailable.
asked Sep 21, 2016 by Jeff Grundy about BackgammonMasters
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Will it work on Android?
asked Sep 21, 2016 by Watson about Euro Truck Simulator 2
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Can I still buy Puzzle Master Deluxe Suite?
asked Sep 12, 2016 by Derek Woodward about Jigsaw Puzzle Lite
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How do I buy Word Mojo Deluxe for $9.95 Canadian?
asked Sep 12, 2016 about Word Mojo Deluxe
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I've bought some HP games (Wild Tagent Games) and, as my computer crashed and I had to buy a new one, I've been trying to install the games again, because I have their licences, but I wasn't able to...
asked Sep 8, 2016 by Amelia Marques
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Hello, I would like to have Keyboarding available in the classroom for students to practice. How do I do this? Thanks. Frida Azari
asked Sep 5, 2016 by Frida Azari about Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz
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It's showing random symbols in the game, I can't read it to learn how to do the game. It is on the "on hand games" that the issue keeps happening.
asked Sep 3, 2016
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Program will not install - error message - "The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author".
asked Aug 27, 2016 about Princess Countdown Connection
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I am playing duplicate, but cannot get table two to generate a review. What am I doing wrong?
asked Aug 24, 2016 about Bridge Baron
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Will a version for OS X ever be available?
asked Aug 22, 2016 by Don Broderson about JellyFish Light
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1 answer 76 views
Downloaded, but will do nothing (including closing).
asked Aug 18, 2016 by Roger about Solitaire Antics Deluxe
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1 answer 128 views
Will DD Poker 3 run in Windows 10 pro?
asked Aug 18, 2016 about DD Poker 3
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Can you play this without a Wagic wand from a real store? Also is it available to play on cell & PC online like all apps/games?
asked Aug 15, 2016 by David Y. about MagiQuest Online
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Does Canasta game work on Windows 10?
asked Aug 15, 2016 about Canasta
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Is the Bicycle Games like the Hoyle Games and require a processor speed of 2.4? My system is only running at 2.2
asked Aug 15, 2016 by Ralph Holbrook about Bicycle Card Games
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Will Jellyfish Light run on 64 bit version of Windows 10?
asked Aug 10, 2016 by Alan Dahl about JellyFish Light
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Where can I buy Reel Deal Quest The Vampire Lord on Disc? Can not find it anywhere, is it on a disc available? Thank you.
asked Aug 9, 2016 about Reel Deal Slots Quest The Vampire Lord
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I have registered on WordBIZ and thoroughly enjoy the games. Sadly, I have encountered a spiteful player and now wish to change my handle to a completely new one.
asked Aug 2, 2016 about WordBiz
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In this game I cannot paint the rose. Any suggestions?
asked Jul 30, 2016 by ken about Island of Death: Demons and Despair