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Latest questions about "gallery and cataloging tools"

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The program starts but as soon as any reference to Windows Explorer is selected it crashes. Therefore it can not open any photo media. Can anyone help me?
asked Feb 1, 2009 by Ritchie 2 (130 points) about PHOTOfunSTUDIO
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1 answer 209 views
I need to reinstall Print Creations since it will not run, but cannot get help from ArcSoft because I can't get the registration number. Does anyone have any ideas?
asked Jan 30, 2009 by DOUGLAS MOORE (120 points) about ArcSoft Print Creations
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I installed the Portfolio Browser program, but when I want to open the images from the discs, the DVD-Rom doesn't realize that there is a disc in the drive.
asked Jan 11, 2009 by Brittany 1 (500 points) about Portfolio Browser
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I'm lost without my Canon PhotoRecord since I have Windows Vista on my HP desktop. Is there any hope in the near future to be able to use Canon PhotoRecord also for Windows Vista?
asked Jan 6, 2009 by Lea Tarkas-Laser (140 points) about Canon PhotoRecord
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I just bought a new Dell computer running Windows Vista 64bit. I installed the software from the CD and upgraded the file from the Canon site.
asked Dec 27, 2008 by N Mitchell (130 points) about ZoomBrowser EX
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After I installed Print Artist Platinum 22, the program appears on my screen, but it doesn't react to any command. Can you help?
asked Dec 26, 2008 about Print Artist Platinum
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I have iTunes installed on my C drive which is almost full. I decided to purchase a new drive and to move everything to it.
asked Dec 22, 2008 about iTunes
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How do I open Zb thumbnail files to get at my photos?
asked Dec 12, 2008 by Bert Grapes (130 points) about ZoomBrowser EX
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Is there any way to add icons for the top-level categories? I just purchased ACDsee and I have almost 9000 pictures in my library. The few icons they have are just not enough.
asked Dec 11, 2008 by Lee Lawson (150 points) about ACDSee
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My Canon S3 IS did not come with the PhotoRecord software. A friend of mine has received it with his Canon camera. How can I get PhotoRecord?
asked Oct 20, 2008 by Pam Kalani (120 points) about Canon PhotoRecord
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FotoStation worked OK on my computer until about two months ago. Now, I receive a message that says "Nikon View is not properly installed. FotoStation Easy cannot run".
asked Sep 4, 2008 by selvakumar (120 points) about FotoStation
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How different is it from the old version?
asked Aug 26, 2008 about CyberLink LabelPrint
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I used ArcSoft Catalog Producer to create my catalog. It looks great and now I want to send it via disc or email to be printed, but I can't. It seems to be a simple task but I don't know what to do.
asked Jul 24, 2008 about Pictomio Technology Preview
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I have a photo in my ZoomBrowser that I need to send by email. It has to be 500Kb. Currently it has 84Kb and I can only increase it to 300Kb.
asked Jun 13, 2008 by Nicola Mitchell (130 points) about ZoomBrowser EX
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I want to delete some of my entries from Nokia Lifeblog but it said: "Could not delete one or more items as they may be opened in another application".
asked May 23, 2008 by Yati Faizam (120 points) about Nokia Lifeblog
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My mom passed away and I had her memorial pictures in my Zoombrowser EX. I was deleting duplicates and some how I deleted all the pictures in the main folder.
asked May 12, 2008 by marguerita dolman (120 points) about ZoomBrowser EX