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Latest questions about "font tools"

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1 answer 141 views
Does this work on Mac High Sierra?
asked Mar 13, 2018 about HarveyBalls Font
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1 answer 822 views
Can we install Nudi in Ubuntu 16.0.4?
asked Mar 5, 2018 by Sanjukumar about Nudi
0 votes
3 answers 498 views
After installing I am getting pop up like Nudi is already started. But I can't open Nudi.
asked Jan 19, 2018 by KRISHNAMURTHY GOVINDARAJ about Nudi
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1 answer 196 views
Is it free software or any license required?
asked Dec 6, 2017 about Nudi
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1 answer 142 views
I set a new password for my PC but unfortunately it was set with NUDI codes. When I restarted the laptop, it was not accepting the password.
asked Nov 28, 2017 about Nudi
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2 answers 4.7k views
Nudi 4.0 is not running properly in Windows 10. I am not able to uninstall it as well. Seems there is a compatibility issue. Can you please suggest how can I still use it in Windows 10?
asked May 31, 2017 about Nudi
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1 answer 725 views
Can I use use my Surface Pro with Design Space?
asked Apr 3, 2017 about Cricut DesignStudio
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1 answer 302 views
How to see Myanmar3 in Microsoft PowerPoint?
asked Jan 18, 2017 by Aung about Myanmar3
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1 answer 392 views
What is the latest version of Design Studio?
asked Dec 23, 2016 about Cricut DesignStudio
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1 answer 308 views
I purchased the DesignStudio several years ago. Can I update the software for free or is there a cost to updating the software?
asked Apr 10, 2016 about Cricut DesignStudio
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1 answer 354 views
Does your version run on Windows 7? I have a disc with Adobe Type manager Deluxe 4.1 that I used on an other computer running Windows XP and works fine.
asked Feb 29, 2016 about Adobe Type Manager Light
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1 answer 73 views
I downloaded the font Coca Cola II to use in a logo. What are the copyright laws? Am I safe in using this font?
asked Jan 22, 2016 about Fontographer
0 votes
1 answer 135 views
I've tried the latest download as well as a previous version with the same results. After a few minutes the program freezes and then crashes my computer.
asked Jan 5, 2016 about NexusFont
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1 answer 87 views
I'm using this excellent program - NexusFont Manager. It is a huge help when it comes to deciding which font to use. I love being able to select several and seeing them "Side by side.
asked Nov 2, 2015 by Kathy about NexusFont
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1 answer 485 views
I have the original Cricut (one of the first ones). Will it work with the Design Studio? Not sure how to tell.
asked Oct 27, 2015 by Paula about Cricut DesignStudio
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1 answer 202 views
I recently bought a couple of fonts that I really like for monogramming. I cannot figure out how to use them in Design Space on My Cricut Explore.
asked Oct 13, 2015 by Kin about Cricut DesignStudio
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1 answer 175 views
How to use Myanmar font in Android version 4.2.2 (7.0 Ext 4)?
asked May 10, 2015 by Min (120 points)
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1 answer 208 views
I have a MacBook Pro with Yosemite. Can I run Knit Design Studio?
asked Feb 16, 2015 by Tabatha about Knit Design Studio
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1 answer 281 views
Will this work on Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter?
asked Jan 18, 2015 about Cricut DesignStudio
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1 answer 124 views
I'm wondering from what formats can I convert? will it convert full designs and logos from Jpeg, PDFs, etc?
asked Dec 31, 2014 about Ultimate Box