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Latest questions about "file compression"

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Does the 7zip utility install a feature on host computers to make it a target for ads? The EULA seemed a bit ambiguous on this point.
asked Aug 7, 2013 by Geoffrey Jones (120 points) about 77zip
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1 answer 138 views
How can I set up the mouse for web page scrolling?
asked Jun 27, 2013 about WinZip
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Many many thanks for your answer, but my problem is still not resolved! As I told you my problem is: After I compressed my files with KGB Archiver, I've renamed the files.
asked Jun 14, 2013 about KGB Archiver
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It seems that I have lost all my data because of KGB Archiver. At first I've compressed my files with KGB Archiver, than I've renamed my file, which was compressed by KGB Archiver.
asked Jun 13, 2013 about KGB Archiver
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Is Winzip 6.3-8.0 not compatible with Windows 7? I can't open a file created in previous versions.
asked May 30, 2013 about WinZip
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I'm trying to open files downloaded from torrent but the installer is saying it's in an unknown format. They are .bin files and Winrar won't unpack them so I'm confused.
asked Apr 24, 2013 about WinRAR
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I downloaded ExpressZip and it seems to have done something with the normal WinZip utility. All files zipped using WinZip show up without its symbol though Express Zip opens these.
asked Feb 25, 2013 about ExpressZIP
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Mac Informer tells me that there is an update for the above program, which is very true.
asked Oct 5, 2012 by Bob Cotter (140 points)
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i wanted to watch episodes from true blood and was prompted to download iLivid.well now every time i try to download the episode it prompts me again to download iLivid.
asked Sep 5, 2012
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This program runs (unzips) while I am downloading the RAR/ZIP files. Error messages keep showing saying the ZIP is corrupted. Is there any way to delay or manually start unzipping?
asked Sep 30, 2011 by Dethspark (140 points) about AutoWinRarZip
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How to install this program on cellphone?
asked Sep 14, 2011 about EasyZip
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2 answers 184 views
Do I need to have a password before using it? I don't know how to compress my files. Can you help?
asked Sep 7, 2011 by uyi123 (150 points) about 7-Zip
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I have a large database that is NFO format. I have used it extensively with search functions, on my old PC. I now have a Mac and I would like to continue using the database with the Mac.
asked Sep 4, 2011 by H. Dennis Gibbons (120 points) about StuffIt Expander 2010
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How to open a ZIP file that contains a movie using Megazip?
asked Aug 31, 2011 by charles chartier (120 points) about Mega Zipper
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1 answer 219 views
How can I recover a WinZIP password protected file?
asked May 31, 2011 about WinZip
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I want to reinstall this software and use it on my PC because when I want to open this program an error occurs & reports that I should reinstall the software.
asked May 6, 2011 by hamide gholami (140 points) about WinRAR
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I download a movie in RAR format and after the download is complete I open the RAR folder and I get this message which says unexpected end of archive.
asked Apr 11, 2011 about WinRAR
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How do I install Webcam Central again? It was uninstalled by mistake.
asked Dec 13, 2010 about WinRAR
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How to change WinRAR language to English?
asked Oct 24, 2010 about WinRAR