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Latest questions about "facebook"

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Hi, I want animated timeline in my Facebook. Is it possible? Thank you very much!
asked Sep 4, 2012 by rhey pono (120 points)
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I am using Hotspot Shield in order to access Facebook, but it is not currently working. Could you, please, let me know about other alternatives to Hotspot Shield?
asked Jun 27, 2012
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Help me download Facebook browser
asked May 31, 2012
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In my system Facebook is opened in text format, what do I do?
asked May 16, 2012 by Guest #23378889 (120 points)
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I play a lot of games, mostly on Facebook, but lately they keep crashing. Is there anything I can do to keep that from happening?
asked May 2, 2012 by joan swihart (120 points)
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Is there any way to download & play Facebook's Castleville offline?
asked Feb 1, 2012
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I'm having trouble with ActiveX when I use Facebook. It makes my system freeze. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it with no success. What should I do?
asked Jan 24, 2012 by Lynn 2 (120 points) about Adobe Flash Player Plugin for IE
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For unknown reason, when I visit Apps on Facebook, it says that my Flash Plugin is not responding. How can I fix it?
asked Dec 14, 2011 by fireballZ21 (130 points) about Adobe Flash Player Plugin for IE
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I blocked Facebook following the mentioned steps (Add site, Restart Broowser, Clear Cache, Turn off the antivirus).
asked Dec 13, 2011 by lemmingjosh (120 points) about Any Weblock
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Sometimes this program fails to work on Facebook and says that there are missing plug-ins. What can I do?
asked Aug 7, 2011 by Daniel Njuguna (120 points) about Adobe Flash Player Plugin non-IE
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1 answer 89 views
How do I get the Facebook icon to my Start Menu?
asked Feb 1, 2011 about Dell Driver Reset Tool
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I installed it on an old laptop. I can connect to eBay or YouTube, but I can't connect to HotMail or Facebook. What can I do?
asked Jan 23, 2011 about REALTEK 11n USB Wireless LAN Driver and Utility
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I can't use Facebook because they blocked the IP address in my office. Can you help?
asked Jan 20, 2011 about JonDo
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1 answer 138 views
How do you make LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook boxes stop appearing without signing into them?
asked Aug 19, 2010 by Laura Florey (120 points) about Digsby
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I have Picasa 3 and I'm unable to email my photos to my Gmail account. I can upload to Facebook and to web albums, but there is a "Send Failed" message when trying to email the photos.
asked Mar 28, 2010 about Picasa
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1 answer 178 views
Can my friends see the layouts on my Facebook page?
asked Mar 21, 2010 about Naevius Facebook Layouts
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I can't play Farm Town on Facebook. I think that my Adobe Flash Player doesn't work. What can I do?
asked Jan 7, 2010 about Adobe Flash Player Plugin for IE
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I can't play some videos on my Facebook. Can you help?
asked Oct 19, 2009 about Adobe Flash Player Standalone
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1 answer 153 views
I can't sign in to anything. I can't sign in to MSN, email accounts, Facebook or anything like that. What can I do?
asked Oct 3, 2008 about Windows Live Messenger