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Latest questions about "education"

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I am analyzing a 2Hp motor with FEMM. If I analyze it for 4Hz, the Rotor Flux Lines gets encircled along the Rotor Outer radius. They do not encircle the Rt slot.
asked Mar 29, 2010 by Sanjeev Shirhatti (120 points) about femm
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Can I use English while writing in this software?
asked Mar 22, 2010 by Avsihek Dutta (120 points) about BanglaWord
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why alim software does not suit windows vista and windows 7?
asked Mar 17, 2010 about The Alim
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I am working with OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition and OPNET 11.5 Modeler. I need some labs to show how can I connect 8 sub-nets to the main sub-net by using DSL and ISDN frame-relay services.
asked Mar 13, 2010 by meedooo (110 points) about OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition
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what is this program exactely before using it I thought that I could see wherever I wnat but in fact it's impossible the picture are not clear we can't see very well the rods, the buildings, people.
asked Mar 10, 2010 about Google Earth
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I received an "Access violation at address 005d9c13 in module cdc.exe of address 0000031b8" error message. What can I do?
asked Feb 18, 2010 about Creative Delights Companion
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I replaced my computer with a Windows 7 PC and I can't install my registered copy of Electronics Workbench. The error says that I need a 64-bit version.
asked Jan 25, 2010 about Electronics Workbench
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Why I cannot download MHC interactive GED integrated online solution
asked Jan 21, 2010 about MHC Interactive: GED Integrated Online Solution
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How can I remove saved games? I read that Ctrl + R remove games from Mountain Odyssey, but it doesn't seem to work with Maths Journey.
asked Jan 14, 2010 by katherine barker (120 points) about Zoombinis Maths Journey
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How can we see the pictures of the pointed places?
asked Jan 5, 2010 about Google Earth
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How can I update Microsoft Encarta to a new version?
asked Dec 15, 2009 about Microsoft Encarta Reference Library
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If I'm already a registered user of an earlier version of this program can I upgrade it or do I have to purchase it again?
asked Dec 9, 2009 about Multiple Choice Quiz Maker
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I need free software to transcript audio MP3 files to text. Can you help me?
asked Dec 1, 2009 about Web Translator
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I'm able to translate only English to Farsi with Babylon. How can I translate from Farsi (Persian) to English?
asked Nov 30, 2009 about Babylon
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I'm not able to uninstall Mastersoft Mobile Solutions BrainSchool from my computer. Can you help me?
asked Nov 27, 2009 about Mastersoft Mobile Solutions BrainSchool
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How can I see live images on Google Earth?
asked Nov 27, 2009 about Google Earth
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How can I use it in BlueJ?
asked Nov 23, 2009 by printet (120 points) about MathCalc
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How can you make Graphmatica translucent?
asked Nov 15, 2009 about Graphmatica
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I'm about to take the Cosmetology state board exam. Can I get questions and answers samples with this program?
asked Nov 11, 2009 by Abiyot (120 points) about Cosmetology
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Is Crocodile Physics 1.7 available for downloading?
asked Nov 11, 2009 by CHAHLA (120 points) about Crocodile Physics