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Latest questions about "education"

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Hi wondering if you know of a version that will work on either a Mac or iPad?
asked May 7, 2019 by Clare about Formulator Tarsia
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I have just bought a new Goplanet Mars 100 GPS. How do I change the serial number in my account, which holds all the courses I have already bought, to show the serial number of my new device.
asked May 6, 2019 by George about GOPLANET Mars100
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May I ask if DBT 11.1 is already UEB compliant? Or what is oldest DBT version that is UEB compliant? Thank you.
asked Apr 29, 2019 about Duxbury Braille Translator
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I set up winXP pro 32 bit on virtual box and installed AEDsys 3.11 but when i tried to run it, it gives me an "printer error" with no explanation whatsoever.
asked Apr 29, 2019 about AEDsys
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How to display keyboard on screen so, I can visually see and type?
asked Apr 29, 2019 about Kural Tamil Software
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Dear Sir, I have created pools of questions using Diploma6, but unfortunately it is not compatible with Blackboard 9. What should i do?
asked Apr 25, 2019 by Sarah about Wimba Diploma
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I'm on a macOS and I can't download it. where is the download button?
asked Apr 25, 2019 about Universe Sandbox
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I had version five which I used to program several relays. Now I have version 8 but cannot get it to connect to older relays.
asked Jan 29, 2019 about WindLGC
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What type of solution Lingo gives? Is it numerical?
asked Jan 21, 2019 about LINGO
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No matter how much study time I schedule, it always shows the study time alert that says I have not scheduled enough study time to finish homework.
asked Jan 15, 2019 about StudyMinder4
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Please help me, how can I use LVsim-EMS software (free version)? I had installed but the LVsim-EMS software cannot perform measurement.
asked Dec 7, 2018 by Thinh about LVSIM-EMS
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Is there a Family archive viewer for Mac?
asked Dec 3, 2018 by Johnjr63 about Family Archive Viewer
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Myname isAngie Kalloway I do not remember the email at time of purchase, new email is
asked Nov 14, 2018 by Angie about Algebra 2 Solved!
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I'd like to get free trial of mvsp software.
asked Nov 14, 2018 about MVSP
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Do I have to have Family Tree Maker for Windows to use Family Archive Viewer?
asked Nov 12, 2018 by Larry about Family Archive Viewer
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How can we apply Chi-Square in Minitab?
asked Nov 6, 2018 by taimoor ali about MINITAB
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Can I use DavkaWriter in MS PUblisher? I am publishing a magazine in English with some Hebrew text. It would be useful if I could have a 30 day trial to see if it will work for my needs.
asked Oct 31, 2018 by Sheila Brill about DavkaWriter
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can you describe me what to do to get it. i cannot see any option
asked Oct 18, 2018 by Hafsa about Neighborhood MapMachine
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Is it legal to use this solution in my commercial project?
asked Oct 18, 2018 by Сергей Аникин about ProLingo English Chinese Dictionary