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Latest questions about "editors"

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Where can I find the License Agreement for this software? My IT department won't install this without it. It is no longer listed on the Schlumberger website.
asked Feb 28 by Brian Slater about BlueView
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Do you have a version that supports a LED-403 SX (IP12 24x80 RG). When I installed the 2.08 version and tried to define my sign it only had a 24x160 option.
asked Feb 28 by ric about SignX Media Editor
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I have HPphotosmart 425 camera, and tred to run the "premier" software, on Win XP, but there is NO "exit" for this program!!!! HOW DO I STOP THIS PROGRAM?
asked Feb 18 by Dave about HP Photosmart Premier
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Can’t get printer to work with this program
asked Feb 12 about Barcode Label Maker Starter Edition
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Do I need to move it to the Sims 4 Folder or just leave it in Downloads or put it in a specific folder within Sims 4 or what?
asked Feb 7 by Maya about TSR Workshop
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I had ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 on my old computer. I bought a new computer and tried PhotoStudio 6 and found 5.5 much more more to mu liking. Since I can't recover the 5.
asked Jan 24 about ArcSoft PhotoStudio
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Hi, I would like to ask you, where can I download Pathloss 5.0? Thank you.
asked Jan 20 by Jindřich Velek about Pathloss
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I downloaded workspace. I have workspace in my classroom but at home I need a code to allow use. Could I have one ? Thank you Mrs Lagand
asked Jan 15 by Aurélie Lagand (120 points) about WorkSpace
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good morning Step by step to export .MP to Basecam Garmin.IMG? thanks
asked Jan 9 about GPSMapEdit
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I had GIMP 2.6 and lost it in a computer malfunction. How do I re install it.
asked Jan 9 by robert about GIMP
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Being used to Print Shop, I want to see an 8 1/2" s 11" white page where I can design, bring in things of my own and not just tweek pictures---please tell me how.
asked Jan 9 by Dorene Levora about PhotoScape
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I have a Canon SX60HS camera & this version of Canon Photostitch came with it. The only disc I can find is for Canon Digital Photo Professional Ver.
asked Dec 16, 2019 by Brian Allinson about Canon Utilities PhotoStitch
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This is a new version, I used an older one on my old computer.
asked Dec 9, 2019 by mary about PrintMaster Platinum
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Chairgun for my .22 rimfire
asked Dec 3, 2019 about Hawke ChairGun Pro
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Can you please send me the specs of PDS format in order to read PDS files. I want extract logs and images separately from the file. Thanks,
asked Nov 21, 2019 by Ben about BlueView
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